Nothing spells Sunday like…

…big breakfasts at home! After a very bizarre night of sleep (waking up at 5 and falling back asleep at 7… that explains the 6 AM blog post!) and some, er, mild imbibing last night, I did not wake up feeling 100%. Java to the rescue! I slammed two cups of coffee while my parents were out getting groceries and immediately started feeling more like a human. For some reason, Charley was a little afraid of the coffee cup and kept inching away. Silly dog, don’t you know I’m trying to stage a photograph here?!


I started with some Chobani with blackberries, blueberries, and honey.


Our Silver Moon spread:


I had about 3/4 of my favorite, a chocolate chip brioche.

My mom played photographer and surprised me with some still life on my camera!


As usual, I’ve been treating myself a lot by eating my favorite foods.Ā  Luckily, since the weather’s getting nice, I can get some exercise outside! I just did Yoga for Runners to warm up for the run my mom and I are about to take in Riverside Park.Ā  See you later!


8 responses to “Nothing spells Sunday like…

  1. Have so much fun on the run with your mom! I ran outside today and it was fabulous- love that fresh air. I also had trouble sleeping last night! I got up at 6:50 and just did a ton of laundry/ironing/dishes. My husband thought I was nuts šŸ˜‰

  2. Scrumptious breakfast!!

    Enjoy your run with Mom!!

  3. Haha your dog sounds like mine! He’s afraid of my water bottle! Boo to sleep issues but I’d be wide awake for the brioche! YUM!!

  4. Have a great day! I used to live on the UWS and my uncle does all the gardening for Riverside Park…if you see the holocaust memorial garden, he did that šŸ™‚


  5. Enjoy your run! CUTE pup!! šŸ˜€

  6. What gorg berries, those blue’s are looking so plump! Hope you had a nice day with momma šŸ™‚ Mine left me this morning..

  7. Hope you had a nice run! It’s funny how the rest of the fam catches the photography bug when we’re snapping all the time, eh?

  8. I love big breakfasts on Sunday mornings with lots of coffee. šŸ™‚

    Way to treat yourself to your favorite things, and how cool that you and your mom run together. I love that.

    Hope you’re having a good Monday!

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