Nothing says "Springtime" like a jolt of iced java


Good evening! Today was another quickie, and I’m leaving in a few minutes to fetch my squeeze from the airport so this will be the same.

When I woke up, I had some PB&J Banana Bread with jelly. Scrumptious. X2.


My HRM is packed in my suitcase (I changed locations today) but I ran 4.3 miles and burned 591 calories.

After my run, I had a Raspberry Liberté Yogurt that I picked up yesterday.


I threw out the package without jotting the nutrition info down, but here’s what their website says:

Our plain yogurt is just milk and good bacterias, nothing else. It is Liberté’s unique know-how. No gelatin, additive or preservatives. Pure, simple,natural and good for you.

The concept of healthy bacteria and essential probiotics has taken the spotlight in the global media making it available knowledge to the consumer. It has been advertised and mentioned in bold lettering on many packaging.

At Liberté, our yogurt contain ALL of the essential probiotic bacteria that are essential to a healthy system. Recently a CBC program called L’Épicerie, in an independant study, declared that our yogurt contained the largest proportion of probiotics on the market. To us, it was just business as usual, we have always included probiotics and did not feel that it was necessary to flaunt it on our packages. It was just natural. Plain and simple.


I liked the grainy chunks in the yogurt… a little texture is always enjoyable.  It wasn’t too sweet, but I could have used a few more fruit chunks.  Overall, though, this was pretty tasty and I would buy it again! There are other flavors I’d like to try (including Pear!) but it’s also $2, so I don’t know when that’s going to happen.

On the way back from getting my haircut, I got an iced coffee with skim milk.  Buying iced coffee is always means “spring” to me, and it was the first day the sun was shining. Perfect!


I got a monster salad with just about everything in it (I’m too lazy to type it all out… sorry!) and honey mustard dressing on the side. This thing had some serious weight.


More PBJ bread w/ jelly


I met my parents at Aoki for dinner before going to see Neil LaBute’s Reasons To Be Pretty.

Big pot o’ green tea to keep me from snoozing during the play:


I was still really full from lunch (two hours earlier) so I had a light dinner.  A small bowl of miso soup:


And a sashimi salad appetizer with crab, octopus, shrimp and white fish.


After the play (which was fabulous), I stopped at Tasti D-Lite for a small vanilla/ snickers frozen yogurt with chocolate chips.


That’s it! Hope you had a happy Tuesday.


8 responses to “Nothing says "Springtime" like a jolt of iced java

  1. I am so jeal of every. single. one of your eats todayyy. Tasti D, PB&J Banana Bread, Miso Soup, Sashimi? DROOL.

    you’re so freaking cool.

  2. Hope you have fun hanging out with your man! Good job with the run! I want some of that Tasti D-lite- looks fabulous

  3. Lovin’ the PBJ Bread and dinner!! 😀

  4. MMmmm, that tasti-d lite looks amazing! I’m drooling!

  5. i love haircuts and iced coffee!

    have fun with ari!

  6. I love weighty salads at lunch. I rarely get out of Whole Foods without spending at least $12-$15 on my salads. My husband likes to joke that I like all the heavy vegetables. 🙂

    Oh my gosh, I am so excited because I heard Nashville is getting a Tasti D’lite. Your’s looked delicious. I can’t wait to try some for myself.

    Iced coffees in the summer is one my favorite things…the season is almost upon us.

    Have a good week!

  7. ahh yay for spring I had my first iced coffee yesterday too!!!! well, I had part of it then gave it to my friend and got that new vanilla robois drink at starbucks because it started getting cold out! hahaha

  8. Ahhh iced coffee is one of summer’s simple pleasures 🙂

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