Watchful Wednesday


Bonjour mes petits bloggies! I hope you’re having a wonderfully happy humpday.  Can’t really complain myself!

This morning Ari and I hauled it over to the diner.  Coffee was promptly brought over and enjoyed.


I had an egg white omelet with spinach, tomato, feta and onion and had them hold the potatoes.


Buttered toast, of course… I had two whole wheat triangles.


We finally saw Watchmen today… I’ve read the book, and after horrible (but hilarious) reviews I was expecting it to be pretty terrible.  I actually enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would, but editing an hour of the film out probably wouldn’t have been a bad thing, either.  We had some Twizzlers at the movie, and after it let out I had a Carrot Cake Clif Bar.


My parents, our friend Stewart and I are going to another play tonight (so lucky!), and 5 Napkin Burger for dinner beforehand.  I’ve never been, but have been thinking of the tuna burger for over a week!  Hopefully it won’t disappoint.  What are your plans tonight?

Have a fabulous rest of the day.  Sorry if I disappear for a bit, comment-wise… it always happens when I go on break!


6 responses to “Watchful Wednesday

  1. Ari makes a wonderful Clif bar model! I say this every time but YOUR TOAST! Yum 🙂

  2. Mmmm, carrot cake clif bars are the best flavor out there!

    Tonight I am hanging out with my sister!

  3. hah i love the clif model shot

  4. I had the same reaction to Watchmen — better than I thought it would be; should have been shorter — with the addition of: distracting soundtrack and non-sexy sex scenes.

  5. Thanks for the review on watchmen! 😀

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