While You Were Out…

It has been a long time, friends. I’ve gotten so used to taking pictures of everything that three days without posting felt so strange! It was a break that needed to happen so I could spend time with my friends and family, but don’t worry, there was still eating going on! I’ll show you some highlights (and very lowlights) from the weekend.

My mom and I went to the MoMA on Saturday, and since they’re now allowing non-flash photography (so European!) I thought I’d take some foodie pics for you.


Yep, this is a giant cake-shaped bean bag.


No explanation needed here…


I really, really want one of those fridges.  Maybe in lemon yellow. To go with the pistachio-colored Vespa I want (to sit on but not ride).


And then, at the museum, we got a pretty terrible phone call from my Pa. He’d had a bike accident and was in the Emergency Room. Thank GOODNESS he was wearing his helmet, because he flipped over the handlebars going 20+ miles an hour, downhill.  He broke his collarbone (on an already torn rotator cuff) and broke the opposite thumb in three places.  He has two surgeries scheduled over the next two weeks, the first of which is tomorrow.

But, always looking on the light side, he named this photo “Spring Break.”


Stewart brought the invalid a special home-baked present:


Melissa Clarke’s Blood Orange Olive Oil Cake (which is a rendition of her Olive Oil Cake from The Vegetarian Times Cooks Mediterranean).


Pretty scrumptious.

Not so scrumptious were these Milk Duds that I couldn’t stop eating during Duplicity.  My tummy was angry later.


Ari and I went to visit my dad the night before I had to leave and we all shared a big [unphotographed] Indian dinner. He couldn’t use his hands to serve himself, so as the devoted wives and daughters we are we served our men some dinner.  Too bad the food itself was “kind of a dud,” as my dad said about the Tandoori Chicken. It was a fun evening, and I’m glad I got to see them again before I left although under s happier situation next time.


Sadly, vacations never last, and I flew back to Minnesota this morning.

Luckily, Au Bon Pain is now serving oatmeal (but it’s pretty shoddy, sorry ABP), so I got a bowl with almonds, raisins, cinnamon and brown sugar, and sliced a mushy banana into it.  I also got a coffee with skim milk, which promptly put me to sleep as soon as I sat down in my seat.


Three hours later, on the plane, I had an Apricot Clif  Bar.  I’d been planning on only eating half of it, but that didn’t work out.


I had a little time between getting home from the airport and the harsh reality that is French class, so I scoured the sad contents of my freezer and came up with a Morningstar Farms Chik’n Patty and a frozen Arnold’s Sandwich thin and smeared it with a Laughing Cow Light.  The sandwich was hungrier than I was, though, and tried to eat my pickles!


I grabbed some dried figs on the way out the door…


After class I was starting to get that inevitable bummed feeling of break being over and already being in a different state than my parents and Ari. Well, that’s the last time I’ll have that feeling, at least for a school-related purpose (and if you try to say “Grad School” I might have to kill you). Anywho, I took myself out for a quick run and it made me feel better.

Total time: 26:47 minutes

Distance: 2.39 miles

Maximum heart rate: 185 (93%)

Average heart rate: 175 (88%)

Calories burned: 306

As I said, I need to shop. I was forced to eat this Lean Cuisine Parmesan Crusted Fish dinner…


It was fine, but I squirted a LOT of lemon juice on it.  I also wanted to eat one green thing that wasn’t a pickle today, so I cooked up some frozen okra.


I’ve never had okra before and didn’t really know what to do with it besides fry it, but that was a time commitment I couldn’t afford to make at the moment. I just boiled it in water (as the package directed) than sautéed it in oil, lemon juice, cumin and chili flakes.  It was eh. I still have a little left that I’m going to bake sometimes soon… I think that’ll crisp it up into something delicious.  Or, I could just go to New Orleans and get the real deal…

Oh yes, and you know me! That okra water did not go to waste.


I nursed a bottle of POM through my 3-hour scientific night class. It helped. Actually in all seriousness I really did feel like I was absorbing the information today… that’s a good start, right?


For a dessert-y treat (although this Patch has had nothing BUT treats this past week), I had some Light Phish Food Ice Cream.


Didn’t specify any quantities because there were a couple trips back to the freezer. First night back!  You know how it is.

Anywho, I’m starting to talk some crazy so I’m going to say goodnight-o. I have an unbelievable number of blogs I need to catch up on but know that,  in my absence, I thought of your names, and foods you like, and I’m sure you all felt that bond at some point. Right? Bloggerbond? Anyone?



12 responses to “While You Were Out…

  1. Your veggie water always makes me laugh!! I just feel like it would taste so OFF, but you love it so I’m sure it’s not that bad!! I should really just try it sometime and stop being a hata!

    And I feel your pain, I just got back to school last night and I miss my home and family already……BUT I love school too!!…..didn’t want to leave this comment on a debbie downer note! Phish food ice cream is the bestttt

  2. Blogger bond fo’ shizzle, ‘Gie.

    Your poor dad! I love how he just rolls with it, though.

    My fave parts of this post: okra water (obvi), ABP apology, pacman sammich, unapologetic phish food consumption.

    Glad your back, even if you are not 😉

  3. i had NO clue you drank the veggie water. how incredibly resourceful and.. impressive. i don’t think i’d be able to drink down the water that i use to steam carrots/broccoli.

    WELCOME HOME! i’m sorry to hear about your dad… he’s so handsome, though! always smiling even though the situation definitely permitted him to be grumpy!

    the pacman sandwich made me laugh. SO cute!

  4. You’re back- I missed ya! Glad you had a good break- your poor poor dad! I hope he is feeling better and that the surgeries go well! I think thats great that ABP has oatmeal, too bad its not that good! Hope you have a good day

  5. Huge bond. Of course! I definitely missed you young lady! I’m so sorry about your dad. Um, he sounds like a risk taker! Why on earth was he going so fast?! Yes, I became a grandma in your absence. Cute pic of you and Ari. I like your hat 🙂
    P.S. Grad school. THat’s right I said it!

  6. yay! Glad your back, I miss you. It looks like you had a great time.

  7. aww poor Papa Patch, I hope he gets all better soon!

    Umm. DUH about the bloggerbond—I talk and think about you guys all the time!

  8. I’M glad you’re back!! 😀

  9. okra water = intense. it reminds me of popeye with all the spinach.

    have a smooth transition back into school!

  10. YAY you’re back!!! Ahhh I hope your daddy-o gets better soon! Scary!!

    You and Ari are adorable! That sandwich looks like Ms. Pac-man! I definitely know what you mean of the blogger-bond! Have a fabulous Tuesday 🙂

  11. OMG your amazing precious faja! What a nightmare, indeed. But helmets. Will you ever be without one now? It’s made me take them so much more seriously. I’m so glad he’s okay and I’m so glad you’re blogging again, Kitten! I ADORE. <333

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