Where'd ya go?!

My day, that is! How is it already 10:15? Pfew!  I want to get to bed soon; I’m going to do my work in the morning instead so I can stay on the lovely schedule I followed over break.

Before class this afternoon, I had a banana.


As usual on Tuesdays, I can only stay for half of my Step class. Let me tell you, it was tough after not going for a week and a half! I was nice and sweaty after only 10 minutes.

Total time: 30:26 minutes

Maximum heart rate: 184 (92%)

Average heart rate: 150 (75%)

Calories burned: 270

After class, I ate a grapefruit in the car (don’t worry, I peeled it before I left the parking lot)… the steering wheel got a little sticky.


After a much-needed grocery shop, I made something for dinner that I’ve been eying for a couple months…


SELF‘s Polenta and Roasted Vegetables With Red Pepper Sauce.


Once everything got going, it was a really quick meal.  The recipe uses the broiler in place of the oven, which really speeds things up.


Mixed media:


This was GREAT, and I’m excited to eat my leftovers tomorrow. It was just the right amount of food, and you know how crazy I am about texture… my tongue was in heaven.

Dessert was a Skinny Cow Vanilla Truffle bar, which I tried for the first time.  I was impressed!


Still working on catching up on all your yums… who knew taking off would be such hard work?!

Have a great night!


11 responses to “Where'd ya go?!

  1. The polenta dish looks so good! I can’t wait for all those veggies to be in season here.

  2. I feel ya, I was away from my computer for 36 hours this weekend and had 70 posts in my Google Reader. Christ.

    That polenta and veggies looks REALLY good! I loves me some polenta.

  3. Your dinner looks so nomnom!

  4. Catching up is always SO hard! Makes you want another vaca 😉 Great looking dinner! I always end up with a sticky steering wheel when I eat fruit in the car 😉 Ah the hazards of eating healthy

  5. Hope you got enough rest, busy lady!!

  6. mmm I have never seen the truffle bar before, it looks very good!

  7. I’ve never made polenta, but I love eating it in restaurants. Why I don’t try it at home, I have no idea. Thanks for the inspiration. Perhaps, I’ll try it soon…hmmm blended spinach polenta, maybe? 🙂

    Hope you stick with your sleeping schedule AND that your steering wheel is no longer sticky. I often have to eat on the go, and I keep baby wipes in my car. Good for my sticky hands and a sticky wheel.

  8. That dinner looks all sorts of amazing! That ice cream is also calling my name!

    Hope you stuck to your sleep schedule 🙂

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