Late Night For This Old Gal

Good evening! Soon to be good night, because it is past my bedtime! Yeah, I know it’s only 11:30. My English class went to see The Color Purple: The Musical tonight and we just got back.  The play was… interesting.  Sort of what I expected, but more… problematic?  Granted, I had studied the book (four times) in class and we went as a class, so it’s pretty easy to be hypercritical. Still…. But moving on!

This afternoon I had half a White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Clif Bar before my run.


You may be wondering why I bought this, since I don’t like macadamia nuts (I think they taste like feet) and I didn’t like the Luna version. Well, I wanted something sweet and nutty, and minus the flavor of the nut, it was pretty good! Strange review, I know.

My run was very short. It was snowing and I was pressed for time, so I didn’t go very far. Still, I’m starting to get faster…

Total time: 19:16 minutes

Total distance: 1.94 miles

Maximum heart rate: 192 (96%)

Average heart rate: 175 (88%)

My abs and arms are feeling pretty neglected… must get on that ASAP.

Diner was leftover Polenta and Roasted Vegetables with Red Pepper Sauce.  [And yes, as Sarah noted before, I take my photos on the radiator sometimes! (And on an armchair we found on the street when we moved in… notice all my breakfast photos are there.) The lighting is best there during the day.]


Just as tasty on day 2! Unfortunately I had to eat dinner at 5:45, and by 7 I was pretty hungry. I had an orange before the play started:


I could have eaten a whole new dinner by the time I got home, but I just had a Honey Wheat English Muffin with almond butter and black currant jelly.


Time to get in bed before I start drooling on the keyboard… hope you had a lovely day!


6 responses to “Late Night For This Old Gal

  1. Wow! How cool that you were able to see a play! The last play that I saw was when back when I was 13 or so.

    Have a nice evening 🙂

  2. Your “Polenta & Roasted Vegetables with Red Pepper Sauce” dish = ultimate deliciousness.

  3. I’ve never seen The Color Purple, but I love musicals.

    So sorry it’s so cold there…it’s supposed to be spring!

  4. Peanut butter and jelly on english muffin is the most addicting food for me, haha

  5. I LOVE that Clif bar! The Color Purple always has commercials on TV here and they drive me up the wall!! I know what you mean about being hypercritical – there are some things I just can’t enjoy no matter how well their done because of how much knowledge I have about it (read: my sport lol)

  6. LOL!!!! I just BURST out laughing when I read your comment on how macadamia nuts taste like feet. I love macadamia nuts, though! one of my fav nuts.
    I LOVE musicals. each time after watching a musical, I’m singing and dancing all day lng. it drives my friends crazy.

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