Okay, so the Grey’s Anatomy joke is getting a little old (I don’t even remember the last time they made it), but COME ON. When I went to open the blind this morning (step 1 before coffee) I noticed that all the cars looked kind of white. It couldn’t possibly be snow, because it is 1) officially spring and 2) it’s been in the 50s! and 3) we DESERVE sunshine and clear skies. Well, no, Minnesota has foiled us again and now I have to scrape my windshield before going to class. Woe is me, I’ll stop the whining.

Cereal hasn’t graced my palate in a while, so for breakfast I had a big bowl of Go Lean, Oatmeal Squares and a Weetabix biscuit with a banana and skim milk. The paperman is also apparently a little confuzzled with the weather and failed to deliver the papers, so I dug one of the old WSJs out of the recycling bin and read that instead. Haven’t read anything good yet, but at least I know the Dining section is waiting for me on campus. Best news of the week, I tell ya!


Anywho, Wednesday is calling and I have to hit up the free printers in the library. Have a fabulous day! And be sure to check out Danica’s Annie’s giveaway.


6 responses to “…Seriously?!


  2. NO SNOW!!!!! It’s not allowed! Snow is a new swear word!

  3. you poor thing! I HATE WINTER. oh wait—it’s spring, even worse.

  4. You know, as a spoiled San Diegan, I always complain about how I wish there were snow.

    And then I’m reminded that there’s actual slush and scraping of car windshields involved.

    *sigh* but i still want snow!

    happy wednesday 😀

  5. Oh no! Come visit me – it’s hot here 🙂

  6. I have never seen that “seriously” clip of grey’s on youtube…..aww I just love that show!! woo it’s tomorrow night, I better not have too much homework I want to watch it live….not on my laptop the next day! haha!

    sorry about the snow, it’s spring what’s going on!?

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