End of the Week Efficiency

Afternoon! Hope your day is going splendidly.  Mine has been pretty good so far, although I’ve only left the house to put out the recycling (of which there was quite a bit… two weeks’ worth of newspapers takes up a ton of space).

I snacked on an orange while doing some reading (and prepping some things for  tonight’s dinner):


Lunch was an omelet! I was very excited about my folding skills… usually they fall apart before they’re even plated.  I think this was because I used Egg Beaters (well, the generic kind).  I bought these because I love having eggs around, but they always go bad before I finish the carton.  I’m not crazy about some of the strange items on the ingredients list, but it’ll have to do.  In this guy went extra sharp New York white cheddar, curly leaf spinach, salt & pepper.


Instead of ketchup, I used some of the leftover Red Pepper Sauce.  I might make this stuff semi-regularly just to keep around the house… it has so many uses!


I served it all on a toasted Arnold’s Sandwich Thin with B&B.


Lunch dessert was Sarah inspired: pumpkin with 2% cottage cheese, honey & cinnamon. Cheesecake-a-licious!


I’m leaving early for class so I can pick up some coffee. I think I’m going to buy the instant kind for the house… not great, but I had it a lot in France and it doesn’t really make sense for me to buy a whole new coffee maker. Of course, if I end up spending more money at coffee shops, it might…

Later gators!


6 responses to “End of the Week Efficiency

  1. What a killer snack. I hear all the cool kids are eating it (including Livy).

  2. looove that snack 😀

  3. my coffee-maker broke too and i never replaced it and let me tell you i have spent WAYYYY more money at coffee-shops without it. It’s like $2 twice a day, every day (sometimes more if I get a latte instead of black coffee) so it REALLY adds up.

    i love omelettes!

  4. Next time you’re having that lunch let me know and I’ll hop a flight – I can’t make omelets for crap!! Yours looks delish!

  5. Fab eggs! You did a beautiful job! I suck at folding! Ah coffee…I just can’t live without it!

  6. You can find way basic coffee pots for like $15. I know I’d spend way more than that in coffee shops! But, I’d much rather go to coffee shops too. 🙂

    You eggs look pretty good to me!

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