Trot Along

This day is good! I got to see my family, it’s sunshiney outside (albeit 32 degrees, but whatever), and I’m high on endorphines. Keep it coming!

For some reason my meals haven’t been holding me as well as they normally do, and despite my hearty bowl of oatmeal I was hungry about an hour and a half later. Knowing I was going out to eat, I had an orange so I wouldn’t be ravenous at the restaurant.


Lunch at Trotter’s was, as usual, very nice. We all ordered the same thing: soup & half sandwich combo. The soup (spinach lentil) came with a honey wheat bread stick topped with cheese; I ate about 1/3 and brought the rest home for dinner.


For my sandwich, I ordered the Grilled Avocado with Hot Pepperjack, Sprouts, Red Peppers, Onions, and Mushrooms. Very yummy! I just love sprouts. It came with chips, but I only ate a couple and donated them to my uncle.


I got a skim cappuccino and an Okee Dokee Cookie (no refined sugar, chocolate chip oatmeal, flax, etc) to go. “To go” ended up meaning as soon as I got to my apartment, but I needed the fuel!


My Step Aerobics teacher added an extra Friday class because the demand for Tuesday/Thursday was so high that not everyone was able to fit. I was just sitting around the house reading magazines (er) and decided to go today; exercise classes are so nice because all you have to do is GO and after that don’t have to worry about motivating yourself. There were only six of us, but it was just as strenuous as regular class. Erica and Gina, I don’t know how you do it! Step three times a week is HARD.

Total time: 59:27 minutes

Maximum heart rate: 190 (95%)

Average heart rate: 153 (77%)

Calories burned: 555

Not sure yet what the evening plans are… there are some parties both today and tomorrow so I’m going to try to just pick ONE night to go out so I can get started on my work and not end up being completely stressed out next week. Hope you have a nice night!

P.S. If, like me, you are a poor college student and have a $10 blender that won’t grind ice, or even if you just want to try this bad boy out, head over to Jumbo Empanadas for a chance to win a VITA MIX!!!


12 responses to “Trot Along

  1. blackberry thumb—i love it! i hope yours is ok too–i slice my fingers all the time when i’m at home cooking. i guess i try to be like all the food network stars but i just don’t have their mad skilzzzz. woahhh, what?

    that breadstick looks SO GOOD! compared to the rest of my family i’m not a huge bread/roll fan but breadsticks are my weakness!

  2. oh, and i vote for going out tonight because I actually am for once in my life. tomorrow is homework hard core though so we can be college students tonight, and losers tomorrow together : )


    Definitely go out!!

  4. breadandwithit

    GO OUT TONIGHT! Work hard tomorrow–maybe you can go out then too, but if you wait to go out until tomorrow, and you haven’t worked tonight, you’ll feel too guilty to go out, but too lethargic to work, so you’ll have the worst of all 4 possibilities (work both nights, go out both nights, work tonight and go out tomorrow, go out tonight and work tomorrow).

  5. I love sprouts too! That sandwich looks very yummy!

    Have fun with whatever you do tonight!

  6. Go out tonight…you need to 😉

    Thanks for the blender link. I think my Magic Bullet is losing its magic.

  7. That cookie looks so good! Glad you are having a good day!

  8. i will take that good now..please and thank you.

  9. GAH grilled avocado… delish.

  10. have a WONDERFUL friday!

  11. What a D-lish lunch! Between that breadstick, soup, and sprouts it’s foodie heaven!

  12. for a moment, I thought you meant CHARLIE trotter’s resaturant!
    yum! LOVE all the sprouty action going on over there in the sammie! I woudl pick out the avocado, though. heh.

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