Banana Recovery

Morning! Er, afternoon. I’ve actually been up for a few hours but due to last night’s excursions I’ve just been lying in bed watching Heroes.  Thanks for encouraging me to go out and have fun… it was nice to kick back and catch up with people I haven’t seen in a while.  Unfortunately I’m paying for it right now, but I’m sure I’ll feel more like a human in a few hours.

Yesterday I had an Ambrosia apple snack.


Dinner was leftover Tomatoey Spiced ChickpeasGourmet suggested that I mash them up into patties and fry eggs on top of them, but the chickpeas weren’t soft enough to do that so I just reheated them and poured eggbeaters on top.


I served it with spinach that I steamed in green tea for added antioxidants and dressed with rice wine vinegar and sesame seeds, Oikos plain Greek yogurt, and the leftover breadstick. I added more mint and cilantro to everything, and made a strange discovery: eggs and yogurt are really tasty together! Who knew?


I drank the “spinach tea.”


I made POM vodka tonics to enjoy at the party.


When I came home, I attacked the Ben & Jerry’s Light Phish Food and had twice what’s shown here.  I finished the pint in two sittings… that must be a record for me. Four servings, my tush!


This morning when I woke up I just wanted a really basic and comforting breakfast.  I used my leftover steel cut “marzipan” oatmeal as a base:


  • 1 banana
  • cinnamon
  • 1/2 tbsp chunky peanut butter
  • brown sugar

Even though there was already about 1/4 of a banana in there, I wanted more.  I’ve read a few articles about bananas’ restorative properties, and restoration is what I wanted.  I’m going to spice up my question today and ask: what are your hangover cures?

I’m going to nap do some housework and start my work.  Hope your Saturday is filled with sunshine!


7 responses to “Banana Recovery

  1. Oatmeal seems like it might be the perfect cure!

  2. Looove those spiced chickpeas, the ice cream, and the oats!!

    Sounds like the banana was a perfect addition to your oats, as always.

  3. oh those spiced chickpeas look so yummy! i have never been hung over, but from what i’ve heard everyone else say, a greasy breakfast is what makes a hangover go away.

  4. Those POM tonics are my favorite way to enjoy those little buggers!

    My cure: lots of water, fresh air, and a shower! I always seem to feel better after that 🙂

  5. breadandwithit

    3 Advil before bed. Drink tons of water. Limit yourself to 2 drinks–it’s the 3rd one that’s a killer.

    Black coffee. Sleep.

  6. mmmmmmmmm chickpeas

  7. Hmm… hangover cures? I actually don’t get hungover in the traditional sense of the world (headaches, etc). Instead, I just lose all mental capacity the next day and basically walk around in a slow, confused daze, haha.

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