You Live, You Learn

Fun fact: Jagged Little Pill was the first cassette I ever bought, in 1996. Explains a lot, hmm?

Disclaimer: get ready for a whine fest.

Unfortunately, today has been a complete waste because I am pretty much completely useless. Not only did I not start feeling better, but I got worse! I lay in bed and watched I’m Reed Fish which has been on my Netflix queue for over a year… it was okay; off-beat and quirky but missing a little something.


Around 1:30 I thought food might be a good idea, but alas, I was wrong.

I nibbled on some slime-tastic leftover okra:


Annie’s Mac & Cheese + tuna and okra. I think this is the first time I’ve made Annie’s without adding yogurt or cheese to up the thickness, but the thought of creamy cheese was pretty unappetizing. Why, then, did I make macaroni? Beats me!


These were on sale at Target (69 cents!) so I bought a couple. It was pretty good… but creamy.


A few hours later I, er, re-lived my lunch. No need to be graphic, but you get the picture. I felt a lot better afterwards, though, so I put on my Chucks and walked to the gas station for some high fructose corn syrup. They didn’t have saltines, so I had some stale TJ’s pretzel thins.


I’m feeling remotely normal again and am able to look at words without wanting to hurl, so tonight is going to be very studious. And no, a liquid study aid will not be on the agenda. Have a nice night!


6 responses to “You Live, You Learn


    Ahh get well soon, girl!! **sending good health vibes**

  2. omgosh they sell rachel’s yogurt at your target? where do you live?
    awwww i really hope you feel better soon! *hugs* are you on the BRATS diet?

  3. Oh Alanis!

    Ewwie sorry to hear The Patch is feeling under the weather 😦 Get well soon, pea!!

  4. aww poor thing! feel better soon!

  5. feel better soon! ginger ale is the magic elixir, you got the right idea

  6. Oh no! I’m so sorry about the puke fest! Have you tried ginger chews (gin-gins)?
    My first tape was Milli Vanilli. Yeah!

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