Better Than It Looks

Hi guys! I almost typed “How is your humpday going?” but then I realized that it’s only Monday. Whoops!  My schedule was a little off today because of my 11:30 breakfast, but rather than try to fit in lunch between my 2-4 class and find a time for dinner before my 7-10 night class, I just ate when I wasn’t entirely hungry at 1:30. Better in the long run, I think!

Annie’s Mac & Cheese with tuna, nonfat cottage cheese, cilantro & chili flakes:


After class, I had the other half of my Ambrosia apple from breakfast.


I’m going to try to nap for an hour before class… it just turned really gray outside and the atmospheric pressure (? 9th grade earth science, help me out!) is making me sleepy.  Have a great night!


6 responses to “Better Than It Looks

  1. Mmm chili flakes! When I was little I used to put Tabasco sauce in my mac and cheese – SO good!!

    I wish it was Wednesday!!

  2. Nope, not Wednesday yet. 🙂

    I love your lunch combo. It’s totally a healthier version of the tuna noodle casserole I grew up eating. Yum!

    Hope you got in a good nap.

  3. Great meal!!

    Good luck with class tonight!!

  4. I wish it was Wednesday!

    Great idea using cottage cheese in your mac & cheese!

  5. your lonchie looks creative and yummz!

  6. I am buying annie’s mac n cheese tonight at the grocery store and planning on eating it for dinner!! you have inspired me! haha!! I think I am going to add brocc and a laughing cow wedge….hope it turns out as well as yours always look!

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