“I feel the adrenaline running through my veins…”

Cheese-tastic title, but four days from now Miss Sarah and I will be going to see BRITNEY, so I’m getting a little excited.

For your records, last night I had an orange.


Getting up was tough this morning, but I finally hauled myself out of bed to start the day.  For my pre-workout snack,  I had a sesame rye cracker and fake turkey and a cup of coffee (not pictured):


Then I did Yoga Download’s 20-minute Yoga For Runners and 8-minute abs.  I hit the pavement with my recently acquired copy of Circus for a great run. I felt like my feet were just carrying me through; no heavy panting or leg pain or stitches in my side. Hopefully the rain will wait so I can repeat this tomorrow!

Total Time (including yoga & 8-minute abs): 1 hour 15 minutes

Total Distance:4.02 miles

Maximum heart rate: 194 (97%)

Average heart rate: 135 (68%0

Calories burned: 551

When I came back, I was pretty hungry so I had a nice big bowl of oatmeal



Time to shower and start the day! Good luck with your weeks 🙂


6 responses to ““I feel the adrenaline running through my veins…”

  1. That’ll be a great show!!

  2. have fun at Britney!

  3. Ok so I dont claim to be a HUGE pop fan or anything…but I would be pumped about some britney. haha. Have fun girl…and take pics!!!

  4. breadandwithit

    What a great start to your day. Did you like the Neil L article?

  5. BRITNEY!!! I love her and her crazy life!

    I adore the heavy handedness of your cinnamon 😉

  6. That’s one handsome guy in the NYT mag at breakfast.

    Your warmups are great. I think they turn your runs into glides.

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