Good Save

Hi again.  The morning has already stretched into the afternoon but I have a feeling that this is going to be a very long day.  Despite the pot of coffee I helped myself to this morning I’m still struggling to stay out of bed and keep chug-a-lugging. Well, in 9 hours I’ll be out of class… oof!

For lunch, I made a tasty sandwich that I gobbled up in a matter of bites.  On a toasted Arnold’s Sandwich thin, I added a Morningstar Farms Italian Herb Chik’n Patty, curly leaf spinach, extra sharp white cheddar, and the last of my Roasted Red Pepper Sauce.  I also slathered on a generous portion of German mustard.


I also had  a Rachel’s yogurt. Somehow I saved it before Betty Ford’s tongue actually made probiotic contact…


I’m not hungry at all but I still feel like eating something crunchy… like cookies! I guess I’ll just stick with gum for now and see how that goes.  Have a lovely rest of the day!


7 responses to “Good Save

  1. breadandwithit

    Too much caffeine can have the opposite-to-the-desired effect.

  2. HAHA!! Love Betty Ford 😀

    Hang in there with the long day!!

  3. haha awesome cat picture.

  4. hahaha kitty is so cute!

  5. Aww! I love the picture of Betty Ford!

  6. I don’t get it with Betty Ford’s probiotic tongue. Sorry.

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