Hungry Hungry Hippo

You know those days where it seems like you’re either eating or thinking about eating? Well, today was one of those days!

I did not win the battle of wills and ended up eating these cookies.


I went to the gym after my afternoon class, but after about five minutes on the treadmill the thought of spending at least twenty five more was so depressing that I just hopped off and went home.  I was going to do some yoga or 8 minute abs at the very least, but I was in such a bad mood from my gym failure that I took a shower instead.  Oh well!

I reheated my leftover coconut veggie/tofu curry and served it with Moroccan curry Kashi pilaf.  The combination was FABULOUS, and tasted great when I topped them both with some cilantro and mint.


I had an orange on my way out the door…


… and had some goodies my prof brought to class from Breadsmith. The brownies were ENORMOUS, so we cut them into quarters after which they resembled a regular-sized brownie.  I had one and half a piece of banana bread


another brownie square


… and another 1/4 piece of banana bread that I grabbed for my walk home.  Honestly, I could probably keep going, but I know the sugar will keep me up and I’ll regret it since, if I’m that hungry, I should have something that’s actually nourishing.

Hope you’ve had a great Wednesday… the week’s almost over! Well, sort of.  Night!


7 responses to “Hungry Hungry Hippo

  1. mmmm i love when professors bring food!

  2. Whenever I do homework all day it always feel like I’m either eating or thinking about it!! Oh well, us girls gotta eat!

    Those leftovers look so good, I’m jealous that you have a kitchen to cook in!

  3. I bet tomorrow you won’t be so ravenous. It ebbs and flows, you know?

  4. breadandwithit

    No such thing as gym failure. Good for you for trying.

  5. my professors NEVER bring in food. No fair!

  6. That happens to me sometimes too, I’ll go to the gym or go out for a run and just NOT be into. But then there are days where I’ll do more than I thought I could. I guess its just a balance 🙂

  7. Mmmmm!! I wish my professors brought delicious treats!

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