Gimme a scratch!

Hi there! How was your Thursday? Mine has been verrry snoozy, but more on that later.

At the allergy clinic, they tested me for 19 different common outdoor allergies (like species of trees, dust, etc.), and I took some gratuitous gross-out pictures to share with you.


I’m most allergic to dust and weeds, which means no more dusting or mowing the lawn! Ha. The doctor gave me Claritin and an ice pack (my arms were pretty itchy) and the swelling has mostly gone down, although I have a big lump on my left arm. I think that one was for dust mites.


I decided to go to the cafeteria for lunch today, and good thing I did, because they had my favorite: cumin-cornmeal tofu! I dipped that in BBQ sauce (which my genius friend Carlye instructed me to do), and also had millet with carrots and raisins (with some hot chili sauce), beets, and carrot/celery crudite.


They also had a rarely delicious soup: coconut sweet potato spinach! Sounds like Kath’s Nutty Vanilla Sweet Potato + Kale soup, which I was just telling Heather I wanted to make. I topped it with peanuts and cilantro.


They were also on-target with their desserts today, and I had half of a chocolate chip peanut butter bar with some coffee.


That put me to sleep for the next three and a half hours, and I slept through Step! I’d set my alarm for 4:10 AM instead of PM. Silly LVP. All was not lost, though; I rolled out of my nest, had some no sugar added berry applesauce, and hit the pavement.


I forgot to wear my HRM, but here are my approximates.

Total Time: 40:00, aproximately

Total Distance: 3.9 miles

Calories burned (approximate): 380

I did 8-minute abs and Detox Yoga #1 when I got back. Stretching in the poses felt so good. I’m glad I got more or less of a total body workout in, even though I missed Step.

My friend Morgan is coming over to cook dinner. See you later!


8 responses to “Gimme a scratch!

  1. Oooh your arms look painful!! I hope you feel better now.

  2. If my cafeteria looked like that, I’m pretty sure I’d still be in school.

    I love your little bee tattoo…what’s the significance? I take it you are NOT allergic to bees šŸ˜‰

  3. Your cafeteria sounds amazing, girl! SO GOOD!

  4. cumin cornmeal tofu? that sounds so cool!
    and wow.. did it hurt during when they tested you for the allergies?

  5. Ahh your poor arm!! Sorry about the allergies!

    And whoah your cafeteria is LEGIT!! I wish my school had cumin-cornmeal tofu!!

  6. no housework for you–doctor’s orders

  7. Fu and BBQ – Delish!! Yikes! Hope your arm is back to normal šŸ˜¦ An allergy test just doesn’t sound fun!

  8. ive never been tested for allergies. scaryyyy.

    cute TAT!

    hurray for cornmeal tofu! i want to try some!!

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