GC made me do it

Afternoon! I loved reading all your funny stories about being locked-out… I’m glad I’m not the only one!  I wish I could say that was the first time it’s happened, but that would make me a liar.

I snacked on this orange mid-morning.  It was kind of hard to peel…


Lunch was Gliding Calm’s PB&J tempeh! I also made half with peanut butter, pumpkin and honey. So good!


I had a spinach/tomato side salad with leftover lemon parmesan dressing.


I finished up with berry applesauce “sorbet.” My dad used to freeze applesauce and pack it in my lunch bag like an ice pack… it’s pretty darn tasty!

Dinner’s post might have to wait until tomorrow because tonight is the Britney Spears concert!  I have no problem telling you that I am beyond excited.  I don’t know if I’ve ever been to a straight-up pop concert before! What’s the best concert you’ve ever been to? Who would you love to see perform live?

Later gators!


16 responses to “GC made me do it

  1. Hooray for a Miss GC-inspired meal!!

  2. Best concert I’ve been to = front row at the Elton John concert (I was about 7 years old), and meeting him after the show.

  3. i freeze yogurt all the time but i never thought to try freezing applesauce—I’m definitely going to give it a shot!

    HAVE FUN at the concert!!

  4. That GC is such an instigator!! Love your PBJ 😉


    Have a blast with “It’s Britney bitch”

  5. I don’t really like concerts because I have issues with personal space. The best show I’ve ever seen was Michelle Branch performing at my college homecoming.

  6. omgosh – the first and only pop concert i’ve ever been to was one of the Backstreet Boys. i lost my voice after that concert!

  7. cleanveggiex3

    mmm great eats! love the tempeh. its becoming one of my favorite foods!

  8. Ah have fun at Britney Spears!!!

    Going to the kanye tour last year w/ NERD, Lupe Fiasco and Rihanna was soooo much fun, and then I went to Coachella a week later, it was such a fun month!!

  9. Freezing Applesauce = TOTAL YUM! Is that the Mott’s No Sugar Added Berry kind? mmmm!!

  10. BRIT BRIT! That sounds so fun! YAY! I’m excited FOR you! What are you wearing?!?!?!
    I have been to some great concerts so it’s hard to pick a fave – but I really, REALLY loved Red Hot Chili Peppers!
    And Tom Petty.

  11. breadandwithit

    Midnight Dead at the Fillmore East.
    Elton John’s first US concert
    Jimmy Hendrix at the Indiana State Fair
    Jefferson Airplane at Lake Schaefer, Indiana
    Cream at Clewes Hall, Indianapolis
    Jesse Colin Young at the Bitter End
    Linda Ronstadt’s first solo at the Bitter End
    Donovan at Clewes Hall, Indianapolis
    Simon and Garfunkle, Indiana University
    Peter Paul & Mary, Indiana Univesity
    Paul Butterfield Blues Band, Fillmore East
    The Mamas and the Papas, Fillmore West
    The King in Philly
    Moody Blues opening for Hendrix

    Ah, those were the days. Wish I could be at the Brit concert. Instead, I’ll just sit here at retrieve memories. And eat popcorn

  12. breadandwithit

    I forgot Santana! and Janis Joplin in Chicago! and Buffalo Springfield’s debut of their acoustic album–can’t remember the name, but it’s the one with “Treat Your Parents Well”. Just beautiful. I saw Laura Nyro in Chicago also–you all might like her–a little like Sarah McLaughlin, but more annoying.

  13. I gotta try that PB and J tempeh! Well, just PB and tempeh because I’ve never liked PB and J together, even as a little kid. I was that kid that always had to ask for a special sandwich with no jelly.

  14. Uh…I had front row seats to Debbie Gibson in 6th grade. I made a HUGE I ❤ Debbie sign and she touched my hand. I haven’t washed it yet.

  15. ahh! I cant wait to hear all about the Brit concert. Im sure it was amazing. I think the best concert that I have ever been to was a band called Blonde Redhead. They are a freakin amazing band and gave a great show. Either that or when I saw Mates of State, because they are my all time favorite band, we were about 2 inches from them, and after the show I got on stage and stole his drumstick! haha.

  16. hahaha yessssssssss! peanut butter and jelly tempeh!!! it’s so good ya?!


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