A little bit of home

Hi all! I’m having a wild and crazy Saturday night!!! Juuuuust kidding, but at least I can keep my sense of humor about it.

This afternoon I snacked on an orange.  Betty was feeling very emo about it.


When I go home, I always eat my favorite things that I can’t get here.  Usually that just means good sushi, but recently I’ve inherited my dad’s love of udon soup and have enjoyed it here and here at the Japanese restaurant Ari and I go to in the ‘hood.  So, when I saw a package of these udon noodles at Target for $.99, I knew I had to get them.


Aside from the absurdly high sodium content, its nutrition (noodle-trition) profile is pretty decent and the ingredient list is short and comprehensive.  In the future I could have used vegetable stock instead of the “flavor packet,”  but I don’t think I’ll keel over from having it once.


I added shrimp, scallions, edamame and spinach to the broth, and topped the whole bowl with microwaved Egg Beaters.  It actually ended up looking a lot like the udon I have at the restaurant, minus the tempura.


As they do, I served it in a huge bowl and dished it out into a smaller one.


It was finger-lickin’ (and noodle-slurpin’) good.  Other than not sitting across from my squeeze, I could almost pretend I was home.

Dessert was the new standard (which I will never be able to stop raving about, sorry): dried figs, dates, and apples with almond butter. I have successfully had nut butter with every meal! I might turn into a nut myself one of these days.  I also had some milk chocolate that Ari brought me back from Switzerland… it is SO much better than Hershey’s and tastes like it was made with honey.


I’m taking place in the  Blogger Book Club, and one of the book choices is  Animal,Vegetable, Miracle. I’m going to try to read one chapter a day, depending on my workload, and again, time depending, I’ll share a few things I learn with you.  I hate sounding preachy, but try to bear with me.

Lessons learned, Pt. 1: “… all the world’s farms currently produce enough food to make every person on the globe fat. Even though 800 people are chronically underfed… current food production can sustain world food needs even for the 8 billion people who are projected to inhabit the planet in 2030…. If efficiency is the issue, resources go furthest when people produce their own food, near to where it is consumed.”

“Food is the rare moral arena in which the ethical choice is generally the one more likely to make you groan with pleasure. Why resist that?”

For further information, check out Heifer International.

Night night!


6 responses to “A little bit of home

  1. ha I used to eat packaged udon like 5 times a week when I was lil!

    bulked up with veggies and protein tho! delish

  2. Love your review so far! I’m so glad you joined the Blogger Book Club 🙂

    Those udon noodles look SO delish!

  3. Girl, I’m glad there was someone else out their being as wild and crazy as I was last night! Geez, we’re crazy!

  4. Sorry but I can’t get over Betty – she’s too precious!!! 😀

  5. What a great dinner! The other night when I was awake at an absurd hour, I was channel surfing and there was a show about Betty Ford on – it made me think of your cat 😉

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