Breakfast of Champions

Good morning and happy Tuesday!  I hope you’ve slept beautifully and your days are off to fantastic starts.

This morning, for a nice change of pace, my independent study professor took us to breakfast at Key’s Restaurant.


I was happily surprised to discover that Keys is a real diner!  I’m a bit of an East Coast diner snob (I’m sorry, but Denny’s and Perkins just don’t count), and this was fantastic.  My prof loves cinnamon rolls, and Keys is apparently famous for them, so Katie and I decided to split one.  Sadly they were out already, so the waitress transformed a caramel roll by pouring cinnamon frosting on topThey were fresh out of the oven: very warm and melt-in-your mouth gooey.


Two eggs over medium with hash browns and whole wheat toast: I don’t know why I order eggs over medium, because I really don’t like the taste or texture of runny yolk. I had a few bites of the hash browns and ate all the toast, although it was soggy.  Let’s face it, nothing compares  to the real deal.


“Class” was a lot of fun, as usual.  My prof is so great about advising us on what to do after graduation… we’ve got some ideas.


Despite the amount of black coffee I had with breakfast, my bones are tired.  I figure I can sleep for two hours before I need to get up, so… goodnight! Have a great day.


9 responses to “Breakfast of Champions

  1. CARAMEL-CINNAMON ROLL?!?!?!??! Holy yum.

  2. HAHA WOW. niceeeeeeee breakfast!!

    my bones are tired too! i could use a nap, but i gotta wait a couple hours! at least I don’t have class til 9:30 tonight! those days are the worst!! can NEVER stay awake!

    happy Tuesday me lady!

  3. Ewww Perkins – I just shuddered at the thought of that place! Gotta love it when teachers take you out! Have a great Tuesday!!

  4. Real diners are great. Perkins and Denny’s? Not so much.

  5. Oh man, that cinnamon roll! Ahhhmaaazing!

  6. Mmm…a cinnamon roll and a nap sound like heaven.

  7. What a great professor.

    Are we still allowed to eat Pilllsbury’s cinnamon rolls out of the pop-open, rap-it-sharply-on-the-counter can?

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