Thieving Gnomes?

Good morning! Something very strange has happened… between when I went to bed with my iPod on my nightstand and woke up, the iPod has gone MISSING but the headphones are still there! I can’t figure it out… it’s too bad, because I loaded on a new playlist to listen to on my run this morning. Oh well, maybe I’ll just make this my day off, but it’s quite the conundrum.

Last night, while I was making dinner, I killed two birds b y making a big batch of steel-cut oatmeal.


In the pot went:

  • 1 cup steel-cut oats
  • 2 cups water
  • 2 cups milk
  • pinch salt
  • dried apples
  • dried apricots
  • almond extract
  • 1 banana

Something went awry in the cooking process because I ended up having to drain over a cup of liquid. I saved it, though, and it’s made an excellent addition to my coffee (sweet and flavorful) and would be pretty tasty in cold cereal as well.

This morning heated up a serving of the oatmeal, topped it with half a packet of my sample Barney Butter:


I also added some warmed frozen berries and Planter’s Nut-Nutrition Energy Mix. ( I didn’t need any sweeteners because of all the fruity goodness… a first.)


A mile-high sandwich may be in my future…


I picked these up at the store yesterday (they didn’t have my usual brand that comes in a round circle… you know?) to try… they were about $3 for the whole bag. They were good, but not as soft as the kind I like. I may have to stop at the grocery store in my grandparents’ town to get some.


Have a happy humpday! And for my fellow Israelites, have a wonderful Passover meal.


9 responses to “Thieving Gnomes?

  1. Oooh, Barney Butter, my new love!

  2. OH NO!! Hope you can find the iPod soon!!

  3. Wow, you’re awfully calm about a missing iPod!! Hope it turns up soon.

  4. Is it where you camera cord was?! 😉

  5. check on the top of the fridge, i think you’ve found things there before!

  6. happy pasach beautiful dove! hope you find that gnome and kick his lil butt!

  7. breadandwithit

    I suspect Betty Ford. or Elijah.

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