Why on this night…?

Good evening friends! My grandparents, great aunt and uncle, and regular (but spectacularly so) aunt and uncle just enjoyed a lovely Passover seder.  It’s one of my favorite holidays because it’s centered around family, history, and food!


On my way to my grandparents’ house after class, I snacked on a Berry Almond Luna bar.  It’s a more tart than some of the other flavors, which have been too sweet for me recently.  I like it!


When I got to the house, the table was set so we could start before sundown.


There was matzo


An egg (and some beautiful spring irises)…


Parsley (which is dipped in salt water) and a lamb shankbone


Bitter herbs (next to the butter… we’re not very traditional)…


And haroset, which is sandwiched on the matzo with the bitter herbs (or maror).  Haroset is probably my favorite part of the meal… I don’t know why I don’t make it throughout the year because it’s so good!


As I was the only vegetarian, my aunt was nice enough to pick some sushi up for me (as I said, we’re not very strict about the meal). My grandmother and uncle also made guvech, which I believe is a traditional Bulgarian vegetable dish.  I had seconds (or thirds!) of haroset


And about half of this (carrot, cucumber and avocado sushi).  I might eat the rest for lunch tomorrow.


I was saving my appetite for the main event… flourless chocolate orange cake! This was traditional and functional (my great uncle can’t eaten gluten) and so delicious.


The cake was cut into about twenty pieces, and served with Häagen-Dazs ginger ice cream.


I significantly picked at the cake while “clearing the table” and “doing the dishes”… this was so good that i don’t think I’ll be bringing it back to the apartment… it wouldn’t even make it out of the car!

I hope you’ve had wonderful nights.  I’ve got a date with my schoolwork now, although I’ll probably fall asleep soon. Night!


11 responses to “Why on this night…?

  1. I’m not Jewish, but I’ve been to enough seders to know that love haroset! Looks like it was a fun family event.

  2. Thanks for the education, I had no idea what was served at seders! Enjoy your time with the fam!

  3. wow that is so cool – i had no clue such cool dishes were served and how certain items had to be at the table! i love learning about things like that 🙂 thanks for taking the tip to photograph and explain the pictures!

  4. Happy Passover! I skipped out on sedars this year due to my mom becoming orthodox and…yeah. Not my thing. I love charoset though so might need to drop by her place to pick some up (maybe in oatmeal?…aaaaah!)

  5. What a great dinner with family! The cake sounds really awesome- something about that chocolate/organge combo is jusssst right! Hope the school work went well! Its almost Friday!!!!

  6. Happy Pesach my dear! Your seder looks so nice, Passover is my favorite holiday too, I love all the food and the family. I’m so sad that I missed our big traditional seder this year because I was flying home but we’re having a make-up one on Friday, I can’t wait!

    Haroset=Best Food Ever!! Every year I think that I should make it all year round because it’s just that good, but I never do. In a way, I think it’s best to just have it during Passover because it makes it special and something to look forward to!

  7. Thanks for sharing! I’m honestly not very familiar with seders at all. It looks like lovely!

  8. Thanks for sharing this! Even though I know a lot of Jewish people, I’m at a LOSS as to what happens during Passover. Love the sushi 😉

  9. It looks like such a lovely dinner! The sushi is a great touch 🙂

  10. im going to my first passover seder din tonight! i can’t wait!

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