Against All Odds

For no reason whatsoever, it’s been in and out of my head all week!

I don’t think that’s the official video… did anyone see Wicker Park? What a strange (and not very good) movie.  It did just remind me that I need to start watching Damages… I’ve heard good things.

Mid-morning, I snacked on a Minneola orange while working on my senior “captstone.”


For lunch (which I tried to put off as long as possible to maximize productivity), I had leftover Tempeh Coconut Curry and brown rice.


My it’s- Friday- so- I- deserve- a- lunch- dessert was a bowl of strawberries (which I rediscovered, just in time, in the back of the fridge) and a Chunky Monkey No-Pudge brownie.


A few hours later I had a chocolate peanut butter Easter egg… let’s face it, one of the main reasons I work out is so I can pretty much eat whatever I want!


It’s going to be a studious but relaxing night in for me tonight.  I finally rented High School Musical (you can mock me, I can take it) which I’m going to reward myself with if I get enough done.  It’s going to be a crazy Friday night! Hope you enjoy your own.


8 responses to “Against All Odds

  1. Mmm, coconut curry & a chocolate Easter egg – divine!!

    Haha enjoy the film 😉

  2. Hope you get your studies done fast so you can relax and enjoy your movie!

  3. Yes, I have indeed seen Wicker Park. My cousins actually live in Wicker Park 😉

    Haha as much as I make fun of HSM, the songs are kind of catchy!

  4. i want that peanut butter egg but i dont eat peanut butter during passover so i will have to wait until wednesday eveing to eat it. we were toalking abou tyou lots during dinner because marni and my mom loved yoU! Marni wants to go to your school! I would come visit but you would alredy be gone! They said that you remind them of me! we should be best friends if we met in real life. lets do it. come to boston!

  5. I love peanut butter eggs! I can pass on most Easter candy, but those are my weakness. 🙂

    Good luck with the school work! Enjoy your movie!

  6. coconut tempeh cury!? awesome! love all things with tempeh 😀

    good luck with school!

  7. mm lonchie looks nom 🙂

  8. Ha! I’m catching up with your posts right now and have to say that I have NEVER seen any HSM movies either!!! Was it bearable?! haha! I will admit that zac efron is very pretty….

    And chocolate peanut butter easter egg?! sounds like the most heavenly thing ever. 🙂

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