Ooh I need your love, babe


Isn’t Keri Russel great? I just love her.

The last Easter egg (dark chocolate raspberry) was eaten this afternoon.  My feline friend is having a little identity crisis and thinks it’s his job to bring the eggs… not so, Betty Ford, not so!


I took a break from work to eat dinner and watch Eight Days a Week…  it was pretty funny at times, sort of like a Superbad– meets- A Christmas Story from 1997, but with a naughty Italian grandfather (who has a Yiddish accent…?).  A little disturbing to see Annie Camden play a sultry divorcée, but whatever.

Some of this wine was had… just because my night was spent with Longfellow doesn’t mean it had to be completely miserable! Too bad it tasted like dishwater.


It did have a cool black cork, though.


Dinner was pretty simple.  I couldn’t decide what I wanted, but chose to have something simple and not too time-consuming: sweet potato with B&B, cinnamon (let’s see how many things I can put it on in one day!) and brown sugar,  a salmon burger with BBQ sauce, and brown rice with nutritional yeast and cilantro.


I thought the nutritional yeast would give it enough flavor to not need salt, but that was false.  I ended on dumping on not just salt but a lot of lemon juice as well.

Dessert was Stonyfield Farms After Dark Nonfat fro-yo, two light Del Monte pear halves, and a Chunky Monkey No-Pudge brownie.


I should probably stop trying to win the “let’s-see-how-many-desserts-I-can-eat-in-one-day” contest one of these days.  Not tonight!

Have a good one and HAPPY EASTER!


8 responses to “Ooh I need your love, babe

  1. That looks like the perfect night to me: “bad” girl movie, wine, dessert(s). Hope you enjoyed it! Happy Easter!

  2. thresholdofgreatness

    Aww, dishwater wine doesn’t sound good! At least you had yummy chocolate to cancel it out. 🙂

    Even though you had to add more seasoning, did you like the nutritional yeast on rice?

  3. what a great, fun night! i’ve never seen that movie – so now i’ll look into it! sorry about the wine – but at least i know one to potentially avoid 😀 have a great sunday!

  4. SWEET POTATO!!!!!!!

  5. mmm your dessert looks soo good.

    You should encourage Betty Ford’s wanting to bring Easter candy habits, maybe one day it will come true! How awesome would that be!

  6. Sweet potato! Yay!

  7. I love your cinnamon abundance! It goes with EVERYTHING 🙂

  8. nutritional yeast? I’ve seen this around, but am puzzled as to how to use it. apparently vegans use it as a sub for cheese? how do you use it in other ways?
    haha. at least that dessert seems pretty “healthy”!!

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