Studying with the stars?

Afternoon lovepies! I hope your Saturdays are going fabulously.  Mine has been okay… most importantly,  I got out of the house! One of the things I’m most looking forward to about the end of student life is not being shut up indoors all the time.

This morning I went to the library and got all set up with books, snacks (and that cute little GPS).


I snacked on a grapefruit, making extra careful not to squirt my neighbors.  (The library finally gave up on prohibiting food and drink, and there are not just funny little signs everywhere that say “Spills happen! Just let us know :-)” ).


I went with some friends to the Coffee Gallery, a coffee shop that’s connected to the Open Book center for book arts in Minneapolis.


This place is pretty much a paradise for bibliophiles… it has printmaking exhibits, bookmaking workshops, readings, performances (musical and otherwise), a [very tempting] gift shop, and a cozy little coffee shop.

While studying, I got a bowl of Zuppa di Pasta & Fagioli, or literally “hearty bean and pasta soup.”


I also got a cup of African tea (with milk and sugar) and a chocolate raspberry biscotti, to make up for the biscotti fiasco a few days ago.


This was pretty much the perfect lunch, and held me over very well.


It was nice to actually study with other people for a change, but I got a little distracted towards the end because I was 95% sure the lead singer of my favorite band in the entire world (aside from the Upwelling, of course 🙂 ) walked into the shop. I frantically  stalked looked around for him, but he disappeared.  I just looked at their tour schedule, though, and they’re in Salt Lake City today.  Oh well!

When I got back, I went on a halfhearted run; I didn’t want to be out for very long but I wanted to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.

Total distance: 1.34 miles

Total time: 13:16 minutes

Maximum heart rate: 203 (102%)

Average heart rate: 178 (86%)

Calories burned: 147

I came back and hand cottage cheese with cinnamon and a banana.


There might be an Easter egg in my near future, in addition to more book cracking. Have a great Saturday night!


6 responses to “Studying with the stars?

  1. Cute coffee shop!!

    Don’t study too hard!! 😉

  2. breadandwithit

    What a great day! Where has that coffee shop been for the past 4 years?

    It was definitely the band guy, on a delayed connecting flight to SLC.

  3. sounds like an awesome wokrout!!

    cute cafe too!
    I am always afraid to eat oranges in public because I don’t want to spray anyone either

  4. I used to eat the cottage cheese, banana, and cinnamon mix all the time. It tastes great on top of English muffins.

  5. Cottage cheese and cinnamon!! My favorite combo!

    That looks like the perfect place to study – getting out of the house is a rare commodity these days 😉

  6. That does sound like such a fun lunch!!! I was craving a minestrone type soup all weekend since it got so cold and rainy out yesterday, but I never got my fix in! They didn’t have it at any of the restaurants we went to… luckily, the weather is nicer again!

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