Dinosaurs for dinner

Hi fellas! Another day of class is over, but I can’t decide if that’s a good or a bad thing because this week is going to be incredibly stressful.  Oh well! I may as well make my food choices be as delicious and nutritious as possible… a girl’s gotta eat.

Dinner was leftover Springtime Shrimp, Asparagus and Lemon Risotto, served on a bed of spinach and garnished with extra parmesan, lemon juice, salt & pepper.  The spinach wilted quite nicely from the heat!


I also had a Minneola orange.


I let myself enjoy 20 minutes of dinner in peace, with some non-academic news from Dunder Mifflin.



We had a special lecture on dinosaurs in class today, which was a nice change.  Did you know that the T-Rex’s arms were so short that he couldn’t even pick his teeth? Poor guy!  I snacked on a Chocolate Hazelnut Jöcalat bar while we watched Jurassic Park.  My friend Hannah and I used to watch this movie literally every weekend when we were in fourth grade.


Somehow this was my first time trying a Jöcalat bar.


Chocolate hazelnut is probably my favorite flavor combination (it beats chocolate peanut butter), and once I get started (Nutella and Godiva clamshells, anyone?) I don’t ever want to stop! This tasted nothing like creamy the chocolate-nutty goodness I know and love, but more like a plain old Larabar.  Nevertheless, I really enjoyed it.

I’m off to write two papers.  I’m going to bed by 12 no matter what, and I guess I’ll get up before my 9 AM class to work some more… all I can do is my best, and as a friend told me recently, the best part of a paper is when it’s done, even if it’s not great.  I’m just trying to shrink my little anxiety bubble… anyway, have a great night! “See you” for breakfast.


8 responses to “Dinosaurs for dinner

  1. ahh! you watched jurassic park? i saw it a few days ago when i was in the student lounge, reading. needless to say, i think i ended up watching the tv more than my book 🙂

  2. thresholdofgreatness

    I agree, chocolate and hazelnut are perfect together.

  3. Jurassic Park was on at the chiropractor the other day and I was a little unimpressed with the special effects. Maybe the chiropractor was really Pearl’s student lounge. That would explain A LOT.

  4. I love Jurassic Park! It’s one of my favorites. SO GOOD.

  5. Definitely didn’t know that about the T-Rex, haha 😀

    Good luck with the papers!!

  6. Oh Michael Scott!

    I agree with your Lara review – I’ve had better!! Nutella and ferro rocher (I just typed roach) are might tasty. Lara is not!

    Did you ever put your arms in your shirt and have T Rex arms?! Haha I can’t believe I’m admitting I did that!

  7. Mmm. Bet that risotto was good even as leftovers! And following it up with choco-hazelnut. Perfect.

    Good luck with your papers!

  8. Do you remember those cartoon movies, Land Before Time?!?!! Those we’re my fave when I was in 4th grade!! haha, jurassic park was always super exciting though too, I loved all the computerized dinos!

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