Ooga chaga, ooga chaga! Oh, to be a dancing baby right now.  And in the 90s. Watching Beavis & Butthead and drinking Tang. You know?

Lunch today was in the cafeteria.  The had my favorite… cornmeal/cumin fried tofu! I also had a spinach/carrot/cabbage salad and some cottage cheese with a mustard/balsamic/oil vinaigrette.


A little bowl of eggplant/lentil soup with coconut & cilantro:


And an orange.  And yes, I still subscribe. Problem?


My afternoon snacks included an iced latte (my school no longer “has the ability” to make regular iced coffee):


And half of a PB&J.


Despite the gorgeous weather, I went to the gym after class.  I’m burned out from running.  I did 20 minutes on the stairmaster, 30 minutes on the bike (level 14) and some arms.

Total time: 1 hour 4 minutes

Maximum heart rate: 149 (75%)

Average heart rate: 129 (65%)

Calories burned: 440

Dinner was rushed (night class at 7) and a hodgepodge: leftover Whole Foods hot bar, the last of my Springtime risotto, and steamed carrots & broccoli.


Carrot-broc water:


I had a Hint ‘O Mint Newman-O during class.  I’ve never had one of these before, but it was like a Thin Mint Oreo. Yum! Good thing I didn’t try it until the end of class, or I would have had a lot more.


When I came home, I had a Stonyfield Farms Probiotic strawberry yogurt with strawberries and 1 tsp almond butter.

Sorry this (and the previous and future) posts are (and will be) so rushed.  Hopefully I’ll be able to breathe a little more over the weekend.  Have a great night!


11 responses to “Chug-a-Lug

  1. They don’t have the ability to make ice coffee? How is that even possible! Ha!

  2. thresholdofgreatness

    I was also wondering what sort of ability was needed to make iced coffee?

    The weekend is almost here!

  3. leftover wf hot bar? what is this nonsense?

    ha teen vogue. haven’t read that since frosh year of hs! freak. JKKKKKK JUST LOVE, JUST LOVE K.

    anddddddd i think i might come to your school’s cafeteria JUST to try the cornmeal tofu. Droolin everyday is gettin oldddddd. Tell me it is not that good!?

  4. Oh my God, the dancing baby!! Your caf has good food – mine was horrid!

    That PBJ should be illegal, it looks too tasty!

  5. This post made me happy right from the beavis and butthead comment down to the teen vouge issue. haha. You are awesome!….and so is that dinner, YUM!

    Hope your having a great day, dear.

  6. haha, I am far older than you and I definitely take a look through the teen magazines in the checkout line!

  7. yesterday my coffee shop told me they didnt have iced coffee either! WHAT!? I got an iced americano instead and it was perfect!

  8. I see that our dining hall uses the same plates…

  9. You and your broc water always make me smile…..I was so tempted to try mine last week after I steamed (microwaved) my veggies for the mac n cheese….but I couldn’t do it!!

    NEXT TIME, promise! Just for you! haha!

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