3eb Tour: Entry 2

So today was quite hectic for the Upwelling. Were were busted in Connecticut for having an unlicensed trailer. We had to take all of our gear which was packed to the tee, out of our trailer and put it in our bus. Then our trailer was towed. We had to drive to the DMV, prove that our trailer was properly licensed, which it was, pick up our trailer for the impound, repack it, and now, 2 hours later, we’re hustling to make our soundcheck. Luckily for us we try to show up two hours early to gigs in case things like this happen. We’re rushing over there now. And . . . I got it on video. Check out the YouTube below.


6 responses to “3eb Tour: Entry 2

  1. Haha love it 😀

  2. breadandwithit

    Wow–what a DRAG. You guys sure have a lot of stuff. I hope the cops were “nice” and that they travel to the show and tell all their friends. Did they offer to help unload the stuff? Did you have to pay a fine? Did they apologize? I think that these are just “tasks” a la the Odyssey, that will make your performances even more spectacular.

    Love the video–keep ’em coming.

  3. What insanity!! Glad it all worked out in the end! Haha love the video!

  4. ugh that’s such a bummer!! reminds me of the dreadful moving days. ew packing. ew trailers! ewwwwww uhauls. any packing and unpacking makes me ….

    anyway, im sorry!

  5. Haha ah I’m so sorry!!! That must have been such a pain, but also such a funny story to look back on!!!

  6. Oh man! That is awful. Where in Connecticut were you? I live there!

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