Surly Burly

Ooof, what a long day! I graduate a month from tomorrow… very surreal!

For lunch today, I had a salad with romaine, tomatoes, feta, onions, a Morningstar Farms Italin Herb Chik’n patty with ketchup and mustard, hummus, and a vinegar/sesame oil dressing.


I also had a yogurt:


And an almond truffle left over from Valentine’s Day!


I took a long nap and forced myself to go on a run when I woke up, probably somewhere between 2 and 2.5 miles. It was really hot! Now I know what all the Floridians are talking about.

I thought I wouldn’t need an afternoon snack, but I ended up getting really hungry so I had an apple:


And a granola bar. Much better!


I made a wrap to bring to the library, which I’d been looking forward to all day! Peanut butter, 1/2 banana, cinnamon and blueberry jam on a Flat-Out. Yum!


I also had some carrots.


The Senior Gift Fund at my school decided to bring us to the Surly Brewing Company to give us incentive to donate to our annual fund. They provided school buses, so the way over there was a bit of a party! I shared a 312 Goose Island on the way there.


While there, I had a few 3-oz samples.

Here’s the 16-grit (these are pretty strong; they have 10% alcohol):


A Cynic:


A Coffee Bender (which tastes just like cold press coffee):


I also had an American IPA (not pictured), which was a lot fruitier and lighter.


The founder and owner of Surly graduated from my college.


He sold their first brew in 2006, after sending out a home-brew instead of a birth announcement for his first son! What a great idea.


This was my first brewery tour; it was a lot of fun and really interesting to see the inside of a small brewing company.  I have a few friends here who brew their own beer, and I think it was kind of inspirational for them to see it grow into a small business.

There were snacks at the brewery; I had some cheese and crackers and fruit and veggies (not pictured).


When I got home, I had some Stonyfield Farms After Dark Chocolate frozen yogurt with half of a chocolate chip Hot ‘n Healthy bar with canned peaches.


I’m zonked! Time for bed.  Hope you had a great night!


7 responses to “Surly Burly

  1. how cool that you got to visit a brewery! must’ve been fun 😀

  2. thresholdofgreatness

    The brewery must have been so interesting!

    How exciting that you only have one month left! 🙂

  3. So, this Chik’n patty…where on the veggie patty scale was it – near the Dr. P’s side where it tastes nothing like the real thing or near the “wait, are you sure this is vegetarian?” side? Hopefully that made sense 😉

    What a fun night! That place sounds fantastic!

  4. Love the Chick’n patty happy face 😀

  5. brewery trip sounds great! your evening snack looks delicious 🙂

  6. aww looks like a fun night!! glad to ya to enjoy some…brew!

    that pb& j wrap looks divine, I had a kinda-sorta similar dessert last night….in the form of peanut butter and a wrap!!

    I really want to try those chik’n patty’s, but I’m not sure what all I can eat them with!!

    Hope you had fun today!

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