Time Crunch

Sleep just did not want to come last night.  My room was unbelievably hot (the down comforter on my bed might be ready to go), the cat was walking all over me and making noise in the kitchen, and my mind was racing. Humbug!  Unfortunately I ended up sleeping really late and now I’m in a bit of a time crunch. Double ‘bug.

I made a big breakfast/brunch this morning, using black beans, eggs, cottage cheese, tomatoes, and onions.


Not quite huevos mexicanos, not quite huevos rancheros


I sautéed onions and grape tomatoes in EVOO, heated some black beans, added cottage cheese, microwaved some Egg Beaters, and toasted a multi-grain English muffin. Got that?


I also had an orange.


Off to school I go. I’m going to pick up some iced coffee on the way… Starbucks is calling. I’m sorry, St. Paul- I gave you a chance, but your coffee shops did not follow through.  The Man will be getting my coin today.

Enjoy your Saturday!


6 responses to “Time Crunch

  1. Good luck with school!!

  2. ahh… iced coffee is perfect anyday!

  3. Oh Starbucks! It’s a love hate relationship! lol

  4. That breakfast?! Perfection on a plate, my dear!

    Good luck with your time crunch!!

  5. I’m also putting in some hours of schoolwork today… lame, but stuff’s gotta get done. Good luck!

  6. I love your blog! Thankyou!!

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