Attack of the nap!

Afternoon! I just rolled out of bed, though, so it feels like morning.

I did manage to get up early this morning and was at the gym by 6:45 (which isn’t 6:00, but it’s good enough). Before I left, I had half a banana with almond butter:


I did 30 easy minutes on the bike at magazine-reading pace, then did some abs.  If I can just do a little something every day, I think I’ll be all the saner.

Total time: 42:39 minutes

Maximum heart rate: 137 (69%)

Average heart rate: 111 (56%)

Calories burned: 206

I took advantage of being on campus to go to the cafeteria for breakfast.  I got egg whites with ketchup and green pepper Tobasco:


A huge bowl of fruit:


The toaster was broken (!) and I needed my carb fix, so I got a small bowl of oatmeal instead.  Not to toot my own horn, but my oats are far superior.  Overcooking and using water really just don’t compare to the time and care it takes to make each bowl individually.


I kept going back for more mix-ins, and ended up with:

  • brown sugar (more than usual)
  • strawberries (from my fruit bowl)
  • Grape Nuts
  • chocolate soy milk

I fully intended to stay on campus to do work, but when I went back to the car to get my books I somehow found myself driving home. Whoops! Three hours later, I had lunch:


Salad with

  • spinach
  • romaine
  • apple
  • fake turkey
  • hummus
  • feta
  • Annie’s Woodstock dressing

More coffee (two cups at breakfast which clearly did not get the job done):


For “dessert,” I had cottage cheese with pumpkin, cinnamon, agave and 4 nuts (walnut & pecan). I was a little too full after eating, but I have a while until dinner so I’m sure I’ll survive.


And last but not least, happy holidays, from my house to yours.


Just kidding!

Have a great day 🙂


6 responses to “Attack of the nap!

  1. haha oh my goodness – you are SO funny! i love that last photo!

  2. Haha love your cat 😀

  3. Hahaha love the holiday shout-out. And I agree about the oatmeal- after you make yourself so many delicious bowls, the institutional stuff just doesn’t cut it anymore.

  4. Isn’t it funny how the car just takes over sometimes?! Usually it takes me to absurd places like WFs, TJs, and Target! Love the CC!!

    HAHA – Happy Holiday!! 😉

  5. breadandwithit

    Great getting to gym early–gets the day off to a really positive start!

    Where’s the band?

  6. Your cat is so cute, look at those lovely blue eyes!

    And that salad combo sounds absolutely perfect….I just love woodstock, apples, fake turk, feta!! I’ll have to make that for myself soon!

    Have a good monday Katie! 🙂 Remember, you are SO CLOSE to graduating!!

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