Mission: Accomplished

Well, I finally caved and gave my money to the ‘bizzle.  I still had some money left on my Starbucks card (thanks, Dad!) so my Iced Venti Skim Latte (my friend Lisa, a former barista there, taught me the correct ordering order once… hope I got that one right) was only 7 cents. Sweet deal!


After an hour and a half or so of solid work (which is a triumph for me, I am easily distracted), I went home to make a quick lunch: sweet potato stuffed with cinnamon, cottage cheese and black beans.


I also had an apple that was pretty funky… it had a lot of brown spots and that weird “earthy” taste.


I’m trying to use up all my perishables before I go to the grocery store (for what might be my last big shop before I MOVE)… I’m pretty much out of fruit and veggies, so that’ll probably happen sooner rather than later.

I’m probably going to have a quick dinner in the cafeteria tonight so I can get my daily greens in before going to hear Sandra Cisneros read.  She’s on a book tour to celebrate the 25th anniversary of The House On Mango Street, which I was first introduced to in fourth grade by my teacher. I’m so excited to meet her!

Hope you’re having a fantastic Tuesday.


5 responses to “Mission: Accomplished

  1. what?! where are you moving to?? Did I miss a post?! haha

  2. Before you move?! Move back home?! Loving the sweet potato combo!!

  3. black beans and sweet potato sounds like a great combo!

  4. For a second I thought that cottage cheese and black beans topping was whipped cream and chocolate chips… and I actually thought that might be delicious on sweet potato! Black beans and cottage cheese is probably a much safer (and healthier) bet though haha.

  5. breadandwithit

    Oh my. 25 years since The House….

    Hope she’s a good reader. Hope you got a hard-back with autograph. Hope you get your work done, a good night’s sleep, plenty of exercise and sunshine, enough milk to feed your bones,

    Loved your beanburger experience. I’m going to make the pea soup this weekend. Speaking of which, the atmosphere here in the Apple is total pea soup.

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