Take a hint from Sandra Cisneros

What a long- but fun- day… my eyes are burning!  Is there anything better than a cozy bed to relax in? Probably, but it’s definitely up there.

I went to 30 minutes of Step today and then did some arms.  My HRM has been acting very strange recently… sometimes I’ll look at my watch and it will say that my heart rate is “OO.” Does anyone else have this problem? My stats are just estimates based on last week:

Total time: 40:00 minutes

Calories burned: 310

I went to the cafeteria for dinner, but only had about 15 minutes to eat before the Sandra Cisneros reading. In it went romaine, spinach carrots, beets, corn, mushrooms, beans, and a little blue cheese, dressed with oil/mustard/vinegar. I also had some red ants on a log (celery with craisins and peanut butter).


I only had time to eat about 3/4 of the salad, so I grabbed a slice of bread with hummus and swiss to eat on the way.


This was the most garlicky hummus I have had in my life! My throat was burning and I tasted like Dracula’s nightmare for hours after eating it. I think it has something to do with that little something Food Services adds in case there is a “problem,” so to speak. Ya catch my drift? Everyone I know always has a stomachache after eating there!

The reading was wonderful; you might be able to listen to it here later on.  She talked a lot about the process of writing, and I left with two great ideas:

1. The 10 x 10– Write a list of 10 things that make you different from everyone else. Then write down 10 things about you, or things that happened to you, that you wish you could forget.  Then start writing! Real writing costs you to relive it.

2. Have writers’ block? Take a nap! “What gets lost when you’re writing is you’re thinking about the reader.” Napping makes you less self-conscious as you move from horizontal to vertical states.  I’m the queen of naps, so I guess that means I’m a burgeoning writer. Right? Good!

When I came back, it had been four and a half hours since I’d eaten an unsatisfying dinner, so I had a bowl of Fiber One Honey Clusters and GoLean Crunch! with half a banana and skim milk.


Well, I’m off to reconnect with “my reader” and stew on my capstone in bed.  Hope you’ve had a lovely day!


7 responses to “Take a hint from Sandra Cisneros

  1. I just learned about Sandra Cisneros in spanish a few weeks ago!! She is a chicana poet yes!?

    Glad you learned some good things….taking a nap to relieve writer’s block works for me! 🙂

    And yum….that bowl of cereal is lookin’ mighty fine right now since I’m about to throw a bowl together myself!!

    PS…..sorority life is kinda like greek….but the show definitely exaggerates and underplays a lot of it too! haha!

  2. thanks for the cool tips! how fun! i should really start looking up visiting authors in my area, too!

    are you planning to become a writer?

  3. GREAT writing tips!!

  4. taking a nap will help get rid of writer’s block? hmm…that’s interesting! I’ve recently been taking a lot of naps! I wonder if my writing has improved? haha!

  5. Fabulous writing tips!! One of my professors always told us that if we were falling asleep while reading – take a nap! Since I can’t nap I can’t attest for the success of that tip but a lot of my fellow students said it worked for them. I’ll have to keep that in mind next time I write an essay!

    Hope you got some Zzzzzzz’s, my dear!

  6. Batteries?hrm
    Lots of tree ideas.
    Great advice from Sandra Cisneros. Reminiscent in partof Athol Fugard’s daily list of 10 obsvns or int events.

  7. Okay…I’m having some trouble here. 🙂 What did she mean by “real writing costs you to relive it?” That you have to relive memories if you want to write effectively about them?

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