3EB Tour : Entry 3

Hello. I’ve had a bit of a cold for the last few days but the crowds have been very kind and these shows have been a blast. Although our cold tour van might be the culprit, she’s still new and we’re still in the honey moon stage. I made 2 videos about her. 1 is a video of Stephan Jenkins from Third Eye Blind visiting our van for the first time and hanging out with my brother Josh. It consists of 4 non-sequiturs and ends with the word awesome spelled incorrectly. Please enjoy it.

The other is a video I made to start a contest to help name our new van. If you have any suggestions, please send them to subject: name our tour bus contest, to: theupwelling@gmail.com. You can win an Upwelling T-shirt!

I also included some footage of us from the stage playing our song called “I Love that Girl,” which may or may not be about our favorite food bloggie ;).



4 responses to “3EB Tour : Entry 3

  1. oh my gosh! how EXCITING! YAAAY!

  2. I love these posts—you are the luckiest person ever, Semi-charmed life came on during my run this morning and I loved it.


  3. Love the tour and who cares about speling 😉


  4. awwww. i had been saving this post in my google reader until I had time to watch all the vids! super cool.

    im afraid I don’t have any good van names. 😦

    and love the song for Katie. that is too cute for words.

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