Dress Me Up In —-

Long day’s journey into night, is right!  And how are you? I hope that was a universal nod.  We could start a blogwide “If you believe in fairies CLAP” type singalong, but I think there would be a lot of cheaters out there. ANYway.

Step today was very sweaty. Lots of jump-jump-SQUATs and kicklunge!s.  We worked on abs at the end of class so I just did some arm work afterwards.

Total time: 1 hour 10 minutes

Maximum heart rate: 184 (92%)

Average heart rate: 138 (69%)

Calories burned: 537

I stretched, but I really should have rolled out my leg muscles… they’re feeling mighty tight right now.

Dinner tonight was something I’ve been waiting quite a while to make.  I did a much needed grocery shop today and the meal took a little time to prepare, and I didn’t end up eating until 9:15.  I snacked on pickle-stuffed fake turkey (strange but surprisingly tasty):


Dinner was well worth the wait. This was my second KERF recipe in a week! Tonight was Nutty Vanilla Sweet Potato + Kale Soup.


Although I halved her recipe, I pretty much followed it to a T. One unfortunate decision I made was to keep the full teaspoon of vanilla instead of only using 1/2, so the vanilla taste was a bit too strong.  Salt, pepper, and more chili flakes helped it a lot, and I used this light whole grain English muffin (with whipped butter)


Dessert was a Skinny Cow Vanilla Truffle bar. Love.


Here’s a picture of the dress I got today… at least two people asked to see it.  Sorry about the horrible lighting… flash didn’t work, and you can see what happened without it.  I have a cardigan and belt to wear with it, but I need SHOES. I hate heels (well, I love them but I always end up taking them off) so flats it’ll probably be.  Any suggestions?


Hope you had a great Thursday! Bonne nuit 🙂


7 responses to “Dress Me Up In —-

  1. Oooo hot dress! J Crew makes a pretty fine dress, if you ask me.

  2. oh that’s a GORGEOUS dress! maybe bright, pale yellow or cream colored flats? i

  3. Oh cute dress!!! That is so exciting that graduation is so close! I think the belt & cardigan will look absolutely adorable with that dress!! Just grab some heels or flats that match the belt! Mix & match!

    And good for you for whipping up a KERF recipe-they all look so good!

  4. LOVE that dress. I can see it with a sweater and flats if the weather turns nippy.


    Grrreat dress!! Go for white, black or red heels, I say.

  6. BEAUTIFUL dress!! Whatever kind of shoe you go with, I think they should be colorful to add a fun pop to your outfit – purple would be cute!

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