Just another day in flat ole Minnesota…

Hiya! Just checking in before my Friday nap… it’s a very important thing to have, if you haven’t tried it already.

Today was beautiful.  It was hot (I really need shorts!) and the birds were chirping, and I ended up falling asleep outside! So, the responsible senior that I am, I shlepped all my bags of books to the library where I would be less likely to doze (although it’s been done many, many a time).

I was having a bit of writer’s block so I broke for lunch on the early side.  I brought a big salad with romaine, a small diced apple, peas, tomatoes, black beans, leftover Chipotle guacamole, and a little crumbled feta.


Also brought a SFOSPNF yogurt (got that?) and some Annie’s Lite Honey Mustard vinaigrette.


I went to the gym a little later for a quick workout.  I ended up staying longer than I’d planned (which was initially, um, 20 minutes) but when the telly is on, I’m powerless…

I did 10 minutes on the Stairmaster, and 25 minutes on the elliptical.  Then I did some abs, stretched, and gave my legs a good roll-out.  (I forgot to turn my HRM off when I started stretching, so the stats are a little off.)

Total time: 54:26 minutes

Maximum heart rate: 160 (80%)

Average heart rate: 130 (65%)

Calories burned: 370

I’ve gone to the gym six days in a row and am probably due for a rest day soon… there might be some light yoga in store for tomorrow.

I left a Chocolate Chip Z bar in the car while I worked out so it would be warm and gooey when I got out. Scrumptious! Don’t mind my pasty legs… hopefully they’ll be a little less so in the near future, but I don’t tan well so I’m not making any promises.


To brighten an already sunny day, I got this package in the mail today:


When I mentioned that I wasn’t able to find Flat-Out Bread around here, Ola from Flat-Out was kind enough to offer me a few samples. I had no idea she would be so generous! There are two sizes and four flavors to try…  I can’t wait to test ’em out! Thank you so much, Flat-Out!


Betty Ford was pretty interested in the bread, too!

Alright kids, it’s that time. Hope you’re having a fantastic Friday!


7 responses to “Just another day in flat ole Minnesota…

  1. Super hot here too today – craziness!!

    Enjoy your nap!!

  2. Woohoo!! I hope you love the flat outs! I share your pasty leg problem – Scandinavian girls just don’t tan. I’m proof!

  3. How exciting to get the flat out bread! Love how you let the z-bar get warm and gooey!

  4. Yea…………so I’m REALLY jealous that you got a bunch of free flat-outs.

    But I’m lovin’ the pasty legs (jk, they aren’t even that white!), I’m the same way and I don’t tan too well either. Oh well, our skin will be in great condition when we are older and all our tanned friends are wrinkle fests! Right!?

  5. Don’t feel bad about falling asleep. It was so nice in DC today that I saw several people IN SUITS napping around the navy memorial this afternoon. You really can’t help soaking up every bit of the gorgeous weather we’re all having.

    How awesome that flat-out sent you samples! I hope you enjoy them!

  6. oh how awesome that you got flat outs! i keep seeing them everywhere and have NO clue what they are! i tried searching stores for them but couldn’t find them… are they like a tortilla?

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