Puddin’head Wilson

Did you ever read that book?  I had to do a presentation on it in 10th grade, and I think my partners and I brought Jello pudding to class that day. I also remember not holding up my share of the discussion… I used to be so afraid of public speaking. Sorry Danny B, wherever you are!

Dinner tonight was the rest of my Buitoni Wild Mushroom Agnolotti.

For the sauce, I started off steaming some kale in a covered skillet until it turned bright green. Then I transfered it to another dish. Meanwhile, I cooked the agnolotti as per the the package directions.


In the same pan, I sautéed garlic, onions and mushrooms in a little olive oil. When they were nice and golden, I added the kale back to the pan and, plopped in the cooked pasta, and tossed it around for a few seconds.


Topped it with some cheese and voila! This was a great combination of flavors and textures.


I also steamed some carrots and broccoli… because I wasn’t quite sure I’d eaten my weight in veggies today.


And some carrot-broc water.  I was so excited about it that I burned my tongue big-time… that’s what being impatient will do!


This was a very satisfying dinner.  I like to beef up pasta dishes with lots of veggies to round out the meal. This way I end up feeling satiated without eating a whole bowl of pasta. For more “macaroni” tips, check out Heather’s post.

Since I’m being a shut-in tonight, I decided to make the Holiday Chia Pudding Jenna has been raving about all week. In her honor, I’m re-naming it Hang-Tough Pudding for tonight.

I didn’t have any lucuma powder, so I substituted 1 tsp of agave nectar instead.


This was delicious. It smelled heavenly in the blender; all of my favorite spices smooshed together.  There were so many interesting tastes and textures… I love how chia seeds get sort of gelatinous when they’re wet.  The recipe makes 1-1/4 cup of pudding, and I wasn’t sure how much was in a serving so I ate half of it.  It was very filling, so I probably could have had less, but breakfast is a long way away.

Sleep tonight will come courtesy of my friend Eli… he was very excited about the ear plug dispenser at the Summit Brewing Company and passed a couple off to me.  Hopefully I’ll have an easier time getting some shut-eye tonight!


Hope you’re having a great Saturday.  Bonne nuit 🙂


9 responses to “Puddin’head Wilson

  1. Broc water is a health hazard for you! I’m staging an intervention.

    Have a good night’s sleep, dear one!

  2. Wait – what is carrot-broc water?

    Nice ‘ronis!

  3. I think I need some of those ear plugs to sleep better too. With my two 200 pound dogs and the insane amount of traffic outside my window, I can NEVER sleep in!

  4. I tried using earplugs last year when I had the absolute worst housemates in the history of the universe! They didn’t work for me though because either 1) they kept falling out or 2) I would wake up in the middle of the night freaking out that they were permanently stuck in my ear or had fallen through the wrong way into my brain. Maybe one did and that would explain my craziness.

    Eli is cute!

  5. Your dinner and pudding look delicious!

  6. I’m lucky. I’m the kind who can just konk out no matter where, or how noisy. I can even sleep standing up! I’ve been seeing these chia seed thingys a lot! what exactly are they?

  7. As I ate my steamed broccoli yesterday, I thought of you and your infamous glass of water!

    I need to try this pudding!

  8. that’s a very cool pudding!

    ear plug dispenser? wow! i never knew such a dispenser existed.

  9. mmmm I love putting veggies in my pasta too! So yummy. Hope you get some sleep tonight

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