Work it, work it, work it OUT

Hi there! Sorry about the late post… I wanted to wait until tonight to maximize my work efficiency.  It was a stay-in-PJs-until-5 PM-reading kind of a day… in two weeks I’ll be done with all my work, but until then it’s going to be pretty unpleasant.  Anyway, enough whining!

This morning I resumed my smoothie experimentation.


  • 1 orange
  • 1/4 cup POM juice
  • 1/3 cup frozen berries
  • 1/4 cup skim milk
  • 1/2 tsp ginger powder

This was one of the best ones yet!  I didn’t need any kind of sweetener, either.  Just look at that color!


I also microwaved some Egg Beaters with tomatoes and mushrooms:


I plopped the eggs on top of half of a honey wheat English muffin, and topped that with a slice of fat free American cheese that’s been in the fridge since, oh, OCTOBER, when Ari visited for my birthday. Dontcha just love chemicals? 😉


Lunch was a seriously massive salad.  This was almost another “What was she thinking?” moment, but luckily my tum was okay.  In here was romaine, spinach, 1/2 diced tomato, 2/3 diced green bell pepper, one whole zucchini, and a Morningstar Farms Grillers Vegan patty.


Talk about volume!


I whipped up a tasty dressing: soy sauce, rice wine vinegar, ginger powder, chili flakes, and about 1 tsp chunky PB.



For dessert, I had the rest of my Holiday Chia Pudding.


I will definitely be making this again soon.  The flavors stewed together wonderfully overnight, and the chia seeds got nice and goopy.  Next time, I think I’ll divide this into 3 portions instead of 2… I was just a little too full both last night and today after eating it.


Around five I decided to go to the gym (day 8 in a row… but really, it’s for my sanity and it was the only thing that got me out of the house today). I had half of a banana with almond butter before I went. It’s really difficult to spread nut butter on a banana… it’s so slippery!


My workout wasn’t too serious today: 20 minutes on the stairs, 10-12 minutes on the elliptical, and abs.

Total time: 47:53 minutes

Maximum heart rate: 171 (86%)

Average heart rate: 137 (69%)

Calories burned: 338

I’d been thinking about it all day, but by the time dinner rolled around I could not, for the life of me, figure out what I wanted to eat.  I was starting to get pretty cranky so I munched on a rebel carrot while I perused the contents of the fridge.


I went on the Flatout website and looked at some of their recipe suggestions.  They had a shrimp pizza recipe, so I made my own version. I never buy bagged cheese, but I picked some up on a whim on Thursday and it was the star of the pizza.


On an Italian Herb Flatout, I added the sauce from a can of tomatoes (which may or may not have gone funk… I’ll find out tomorrow if I’m sick!), 1/4 cup Sargento 6 Cheese Italian blend, spinach, onions, tomato, and frozen shrimp (cooked in the microwave beforehand).


As per the Flatout directions, I baked the bread at 350 for about 7 minutes beforehand, added the toppings, and baked it again until the cheese melted.


I should have carmelized the onions beforehand, but it was still really good and ended up hitting the spot!

For dessert, I had crumbled a TJ’s 100 calorie Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies into some plain yogurt with cinnamon.


BF was sitting like this for about 10 minutes.  Suspended animation, kitty?


Okay, playtime is over and it’s back to work I go.  Hope you had a great weekend!


9 responses to “Work it, work it, work it OUT

  1. haha, I love the location of your blender! 🙂

    I need to make this holiday chia pudding everyone is raving about!

  2. do you always make your smoothies in a sketch basement on your washing machine? haha. I’m crazy that I notice things like that but I always have. My dad and I both pay more attention to things in the background than in the actual movie. Like something important will happen and everyone will comment and we’ll be like “wait….his glass is full now but 2 seconds ago it was half empty!” (oh, and I guess we’re pessimists too!)

    2 more weeks is like nothing! Think about how many weeks we’ve already been through this year—now it’s just the final push to the end!

  3. haha the cat! love the flat out pizza, smoothie time, and morningstar burgers! hey yo!

    happy Monday Katie!

  4. Im going to have to go ahead and say that the placement of your blender looks quite unsafe! haha.

    I love the pizza on the flat out, I have been wanting to try that out too.

    Thanks so much for the link about the knees girl! I read it and have been doing the stretches that it recommends!

  5. Ahhhhh at least those kind of days signal the end of the semester!

    We’ve had a package of American cheese in our fridge for MONTHS as well and it’s not moldy. It kind of makes me nervous – what is in it?!

  6. not to be an idiot… but what exactly ARE chia seeds?

  7. yay morningstar burgers! that salald looks delish!

    haha your cat is too cute!

  8. ginger powder? never heard of it. do share.

  9. haha i love that picture of your blender balanced on the washing machine. sooo secretive! it’s like.. the underground smoothie.

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