25 things

Good evening! I hope your Monday was just lovely. Mine was good… long, but not too bad.

Although I packed lunch today, I really needed to get out of the library so I decided to save my salad for dinner and have my “big meal” in the cafeteria.

I had some kind of eggplant/chickpea/potato curry with some cinnamon-scented bulgur. I topped both with coconut, cilantro, and chili sauce.


I also had a small bowl of vegetarian bean chili (which was good, but tasted like they’d mixed the above curry into a big pot of beans… not unlikely) topped with yogurt.


Took K‘s advice and got back on the java


I couldn’t decide what I wanted for dessert, so I had half of a magic/7-layer/hello dolly bar and half of a chocolate chip peanut butter bar. They didn’t break very well, but they were worth the indulgence!


I’d planned on going to the gym and had all my stuff with me, but I wasn’t feeling too great so I went home instead, ate some dried fruit, and passed out for a couple hours.


Dinner was the salad I’d brought to school: romaine, tofu, apple, mushrooms, tomatoes, hummus, and feta, with Annie’s Lite Honey Mustard vinaigrette.


I also had a Morningstar Farms Ginger Teriyaki Veggie Cake.


I spotted Heather eating these; when I asked her about them, she said they reminded her of a rice ball. Pretty apt description: kind of like a Dr. Praeger’s burger with rice mixed in.


I just got home from my night class and had plain nonfat yogurt with pumpkin, 1/2 banana, cinnamon and honey. I’m still feeling a little snacky, but I’m going to shower and then see. I’m pretty tired, so sleep might take precedence.


Em tagged me to share 25 “random things” about myself, so here we go, in no particular order…

1. I went to my first cooking class before I was 10. I made a carrot-layer cake with cream cheese frosting and candied lavender.

2. I used to have six piercings but now I only have two.

3. I have two tattoos.

4. My mom promised to get the same tattoo in the same place if I get another one. Don’t worry, Mom, I won’t call your bluff.

5. Leonardo DiCaprio was my first love. It’s true. I got the special edition 16 Magazine after The Man In The Iron Mask came out and put up over 20 posters of him in my room. If that’s not devotion, I don’t know what is.

6. Heath Ledger was my second love. I wrote him letters in 8th grade about field hockey.

7. In 10th grade I became obsessed with all things grunge and wanted to move to Seattle. I still kind of do, although I’ve never been.

8. After my freshman year of college I went to the Bonnaroo music festival in Tennessee. I didn’t shower for three days.

9. When I studied abroad in Paris, I infrequently showered. It’s very French! I’m back to my must-shower-within-24-hours routine now.

10. I’ve been Lolita (twice), a bumblebee, and Raggedy Ann for Halloween over the last four years.

11. I failed my road test three times before I got my license. I’m a good driver now, I swear!

12. My poodle, Charley, is named after a John Steinbeck book. Neither I nor my parents actually finished this book.

13. I’ve seen Modest Mouse and Art Brut four times, The Hold Steady and Wilco three, Radiohead, the Beastie Boys and Liz Phair twice in concert… these numbers used to be a lot more important to me than they are now.

14. I have a cap on my front tooth that I chipped on my bed. It’s not going to be a pretty sight when it falls out.

15. In 9th grade, I decided after seeing chimps at the Bronx Zoo that I wanted to be a primatologist, like Jane Goodall. That dream has faded.

16. I’m a comic book geek.

17. Up until I went to college, I’d seen every single episode of 7th Heaven.

18. I’ve worn a size 10 shoe since 5th grade, when Hush Puppies were the shiznit

19. Movie nights at home are my favorite kind of date.

20. I am blind as a BAT. I can’t read a book without glasses, and used to have nightmares about being trapped in an amusement park without my contacts on.

21. I could eat sushi for dinner every night and be happy.

22. I have four names; my “middle” name is Alexandra.

23. I went more than five years without crying and now I tear up almost every time I watch Grey’s Anatomy.

24. The first “concert” I ever went to was seeing Britney Spears play on The View when she was 16 and wore gel body glitter. Barbara Walters asked if she’d ever been in love and Brit said no, but she hoped she would one day. I still love you BS.

25. On May 16, if all goes well, I’ll graduate with a BA in English! Have a job for me?

Whew… that felt more than a little narcissistic! I hate choosing people, so please fill this out on your blog if you want!

On the giveaway lookout? Check out Gina’s contest for a cool vegan cookbook AND her famous macaroons!

Get a good night’s sleep and have a great day tomorrow! Night 🙂


7 responses to “25 things

  1. Whoaaa 6 piercings?! 2 tats??!! What are they and where?! haha!!

    Lovin’ the big salad…always so fresh and delish looking!! I want to try those teriyaki rice cakes, so you recommend them?

    And ahhh I watched many, many 7th heaven episodes growing up…it was my mom and I’s fave show, especially when mary & lucy were in high school! I loved all their scandal when I was a little youngin’

  2. haha! I loved reading your 25 random things! you have four names? wow! are you named after someone?

  3. Ok I think that we went through the same little “stage” when we were younger. I have seen Modest Mouse, too…and yes, the number of shows that I went to was important to me! I used to have 6 piercings as well…I still have 5. haha.

  4. i loved reading this! I’m blind as a bat too—I’ve never dreamed about being stuck in an amusement park without my contacts before (scary!) but i do bring like 5 extra pairs with me whenever i go on vacation!

  5. Oh good, I’m glad you took my advice. I was getting a little worried about it 😉

    Hm rice ball?! Yum! Leo and Heath….dreamy sigh!

  6. you would LOVE Seattle.

  7. what and where are the tattoos!?

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