Pizza & cupcakes make a fond farewell

Tonight was the last class of my senior seminar. It was kind of sad, actually… this professor (also my advisor) taught my first-year course freshman year and has really helped shape “who I am” as a student.

I knew we were going to have pizza, so I brought a salad so I’d have more than cheesy bread for dinner.  This “thai veggie salad” had romaine, cucumber, carrots, scallions, tomato, and a chili/lime/cilantro vinaigrette. I also had some diet coke… it’s hard to have pizza without soda!


I also had three little squares of pizza: plain, mushroom/tomato/olive, mushroom.


One of my classmates brought in homemade chocolate cupcakes with pink frosting.  Isn’t the heart pretty? I had a regular circle-shaped cupcake.


Oh yeah, and our prof gave us some closing remarks: do not go to graduate school for the humanities! It’s a grueling process and does not guarantee a job. Duly noted.

On that cheery note, it’s off to bed.  Hope you had a great day!


4 responses to “Pizza & cupcakes make a fond farewell

  1. awww i’m glad you had a professor who really left an impact on you 🙂

  2. I love the heart shaped cupcake! I’m a sucker for cute things like that!

    Aw last day of classes are always bittersweet, especially when you really like the teacher. I’m sure you and your professor will still be in contact 🙂

  3. I never by diet coke or softdrinks period, but When I have take out or pizza I crave a good coke. Life is to short and moderation is key, pizza looks awsome, but I would add some pineapple, yummm

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