“Follows Directions”- Needs Improvement

Evening! Two Sundays left in Minnesota… but the last one will be spent packing and spending time with my family, so that doesn’t really count.

Instead of a SCM cookie this afternoon, I had the last half of this Clif Mojo Peanut Butter Pretzel bar.  I love these!


Dinner was straight-up comfort food: sweet potato with butter and brown sugar, salted bulgur, spinach with rice vinegar and sesame seeds, and GC tofu (which tasted especially good tonight… I think it was because I cut it into cute little cubes).


I didn’t drink the spinach water today because the water was cloudy.  I probably shouldn’t have eaten the spinach either, I know, but fate (read: clumsiness) intervened and I spilled half of it into the sink anyway.

Dessert was dried fruit, Justin’s Maple Almond Butter, and dark chocolate.  I didn’t read the package directions and instead just cut 1/3 of it off instead of kneading it beforehand.  The result was an oily mess and a really unsatisfying dessert… the AB had no flavor whatsoever and I probably should’ve just skipped it. Sad!


… I also had a Super-Charge Me cookie.  Baking during my hardest week may not have been the wisest idea…


Off to study/read/Office!  Hope your weekend was fabulous. Bonne nuit 🙂


8 responses to ““Follows Directions”- Needs Improvement

  1. ahh, but baking during the difficult time is always so relaxing!

  2. sad about the AB. I love those little packets. Follow the directions next time!!

    Dinner does look good and comforting–I haven’t had GC tofu since winter break and I really miss it!

  3. In your defense, the only AB directions there should be is: Grab a spoon. Eat. You win some, you lose some 😉

    Have a great Monday!!

  4. yeah baking therapy can backfire 😛 I have one of the PB Mojo bars in my stash that someone sent me- can’t wait to try it.

    So close to finishing- you NY bound post-graduation?

  5. comfort food is perfect for providing studying energy!

    soooo close to the end!

    sorry about the AB mix up (or lack thereof)

  6. Mojo bars are my favorite! So yummy. Better than a cookie in my opinion! Loving your dessert too- especially the dried fruit. I need to go pick some up for myself!

  7. homegirlcaneat

    I made those super charge me cookies last night and how good are they?!?!?! Too good, I know I know!! 🙂

  8. That does look like the most perfect comforting meal, I hate to admit that tofu has not made an appearance in my life in maybe MONTHS!!! Ohhh soon enough, soon enough!

    And yuck, sorry about the almond butta….you too will be back home with the most legit stuff soon! Just stock up on our fave, maranathana! 🙂

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