Don’t smell the green

Hey there and happy Tuesday.  I hope you are having a fabulous day…. It’s going to be a really long one on my end; I have my big paper due in two days so I’m going to try to work as late as I can tonight.  I haven’t been doing such a good job at that lately… bed is just too tempting! 

Anyway, I made a huge omelet this morning with Egg Beaters, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, green peppers and… cottage cheese!  I don’t know why I never thought to do this before, but it’s delicious. 


I also had a slice of banana bread toasted with jam and a Morningstar Farms breakfast sausage that I’ve had for months….


Unfortunately, the “soysage” tasted like the freezer and I zapped it for too long so into the trash it went.


I had my last independent study meeting at the J & S Bean Factory .  I was feeling a little risky so I got a rice milk latte… not bad!


At 11:30 we had our semiannual English majors & minors luncheon.  For some reason, they ordered over 20 pizzas for us but no salad, vegetable, or anything else. The only green thing there was, literally, the green icing stem on the carrot cake. I’m not one to hate on pizza, but it was cold and kind of stale by the time we got to eat it and wholly unsatisfying.

I had plain, mushroom & onion slices. 


The carrot cake was good, but had a ridiculous amount of frosting.  I’d knocked it off originally but ended up picking at it throughout the speeches and eating the rest.


I have that sugar coma/bowling ball-in-stomach feeling right now, but I’ll probably have to snack on something before dinner since I ate such an early lunch.  

Sorry about the attitude and crankiness that’s been seeping into the blog over the last few days… I’m just stressed out about my work and I assure you that come next Tuesday (my last paper is due at 5 PM) I will be back to my perky, happy-go-lucky self 😉

On a brighter note, win some Annie’s Mac & Cheese!

Hope you’re having a nice day!


9 responses to “Don’t smell the green

  1. rice milk latte? sounds very cool.

  2. Cottage cheese!!! Don’t apologize for any ‘tude – it’s that time of the year, you’re allowed to be cranky!

  3. Rice milk latte sounds super delicious!

  4. Don’t worry about the finals attitude, I’m right there with ya! Just gotta finish this paper and then I’m done!

  5. i’ve tried cottage cheese in my omelettes before too, it’s good!

    i definitely know what you mean about the negative nancy coming out around finals time–that’s part of the reason i havent been posting much lately, I dont want people to know how bitchy I can get when i’m stressed! haha

  6. Sorry about the sugaaaa suga coma, but I’m sure some healthy greens in tonight’s dinner will make ya feel all that much better! I’m thinking the veggie water will definitely be making an appearance?

    I’m with ya in the stress, just turned in my english final an hour ago though, yay! Good luck Katie!

  7. homegirlcaneat

    Too bad I wasn’t there with ya..I would have def eaten your left ova frosting! The omelette looks bossy too!

  8. No need to apologize. 🙂 Do your thing this week. Good luck with the paper writing!

  9. mmm cottage cheese in an omelet sounds great. I will probably have to try it. And you know that cottage cheese helps you live longer, so its a double whammy!

    Hope your day is going well!

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