Smile like it's Thursday

Good morning! I hope you enjoyed fabulous evenings last night… sorry I didn’t post but I wanted to finish up my paper draft before I went to sleep.  I always need some kind of closure before I get into bed or the whole next day is tense… kind of like the “Don’t go to bed angry” idea (which I also am a big proponent of). Anyway, today will be spent editing and then I get to turn it in and move on! Whew.

Yesterday I snacked on a banana with Barney Butter around 4:30.  I made a big mess in the library!


There was some extra Barney leftover, so I spread it on two Ryvita crackers.


This ended up being a pretty big snack, but it held me over during the run I decided to go for on a whim. I almost talked myself out of going when I couldn’t find my headphones, but then I remembered the free ones that came with my make-up remover!


They’re actually pretty nice… they’re a little big for my ears but at least they didn’t slip out.

I turned around almost immediately when the sky started to get stormy, but then decided to be a big girl and stop making excuses.  I went 2.5 miles and felt great after an almost month-long hiatus, and when I got home, there was a rainbow!


It just kept getting brighter.


I did 8-minute abs and was about 5 minutes into Yoga For Runners when my roommate came home.  I was a little too self-conscious to Downward Dog-it in the middle of the living room with someone else there, so I stopped.

Dinner was the best crack wrap yet: Hummus, American + 4 Italian Cheeses on an Italian Herb Flatout.  It tasted just like pizza!  I’ve been having so many of these that pretty soon I’ll probably be screaming “NINETEEN!” and demanding Ari play “Pincher Pincher” with me on iChat.


I had a side romaine/tomato/green pepper salad with rice wine vinegar/sesame oil/sesame seeds/chili flakes and some steamed rebel carrots. Is it weird that I’ve been thinking about those carrots all day? (Don’t answer that.)


Had some carrot water (which is GREEN, incidentally) for Jess


Hot sauce went everywhere.  I don’t want to speak too hastily, but I think it may have replaced ketchup in my heart.


For dessert I had chocolate Gelati-da gelato with warmed berries, hot fudge, two pecans and shredded unsweetened coconut.  All this talk about “big guns” made me go all out.


Once I pop, the fun don’t stop…


I haven’t had a breakfast cookie since February (I checked, to make sure I got the proportions right) so I made one last night and stuck it in the fridge.


  • 1/2 cup oats
  • 1/2 banana
  • 1 tsp PB
  • 1 scoop yogurt (milk is funk)
  • 1/2 scoop vanilla protein powder
  • cinnamon
  • two raisins, one fig, one pecan

I haven’t had protein powder in a while, and my palate isn’t used to the taste so I ate Jim with some NSA wild berry applesauce. Really good combination!


Well, time to edit.  What do you have planned for the weekend?

Check out Meghann‘s Blue Mountain giveaway and have a great day!


9 responses to “Smile like it's Thursday

  1. HAHAHAHAHA!! Don’t forget “Babyball.” We currently producing a Wii version.

  2. Pretty rainbow!! Make the gelato stop – actually, if I come clean for you, I expect to have a big bowl of that when I’m done. You know to refuel!


  3. i like the happy breakfast cookie 🙂

  4. hot sauce replacing ketchup? BLASPHEMY! 😛

    enjoy your Thursday!

  5. That’s so funny that you have Clean & Clear headphones!

    I love rainbows. They make me so happy! 😀

  6. I havent had a breakfast cookie in so long! Yum!

    Headphones with your face wash?! That’s funny!

  7. homegirlcaneat

    I am totally digging the free headphones. Clean and Clear has won over my face along with my heart and ears.

  8. ya…. so I tried to NOT blog read or comment the day before all my finals but I had to check in on youuuu while inhaling my dinner! Yay for the veg water, you’re such a freak. haha JK! I will be trying it soon, but if I burn my mouth and get some type of mouth soar i’m blaming you! 😉

    And whoa, your pizza-style crack wrap and dessert are lookin’ mighty fine!! Warmed berries in ice cold gelato?! Oh baby! Once you pop the fun don’t stop….haha, you’re too cute!

  9. breadandwithit

    And it was even a double rainbow!

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