Hol(e)y donuts, Batman!

Good late-night, lovepies! I hope you had (or are out having!) a fabulous Friday.  I had another lovely day with my family.

It was cold when I woke up, so I started the day with a delicious hot breakfast.


  • 1/4 cup 10 grain hot cereal
  • 1/4 cup oats
  • 3/4 cup water
  • cinnamon
  • brown sugar
  • scoop PB

For some reason it was a little watery, so I added a touch more peanut butter. Problem solved!

I enjoyed my breakfast with a side of a Gracie masterpiece.  Gorgeous, no? I love that baby Picasso and her sister (and her mommy, duh) so much!


I snacked on an apple.


My parents, George, Judy and I had lunch at Coffee News.


I ordered a Greek omelet with spinach, feta, tomatoes and olives.


I’m not usually a huge home-fry/breakfast potato kind of girl, but these are so garlicky and delicious.


I ate half the bread, about 2/3 of the omelet and a few potatoes.  I was saving up for a double chocolate chip biscotti, which I spied on the counter when I ordered my lunch! Too bad I didn’t know how good these were before today.


We went to the student post office because I knew a special package was coming…


Holey Donuts! I hit the jackpot in an An Apple A Day contest.


I’d been wondering how these were going to survive FedEx ground shipping…

Coconut cream pie, banana cream Oreo cookie, raspberry graham cracker.


Coconut cream pie (one whole box!), low fat chocolate.


Low fat classic vanilla fosted


Have you ever seen such pretty donuts? An average Holey Donut has less than 200 calories and 3-4 grams of fat, compared to 200-400 calories and 10-20 grams of fat in regular chain-store and supermarket donuts. They’re also not fried, so you can give your arteries a break. Here’s some of the Holey Donut story, written by Frank Dilullo, founder of the company.

Back in 1958, my father was literally one of the first franchisees with what is today the world’s most successful donut chain. Spending my childhood in the back of a donut shop eventually led to me running and owning my own donut shops. Always having a love for donuts, I set out to create a donut like no other; something that would elevate donuts to a new level; something more high-end, more gourmet, and really just the best donut you could make. Then one day, I walked away from the deep fat fryer and began to actually cook my donuts in a different way. Then at first bite, I said “HOLY $#!%, these are really good!” Thus, the name Holey Donuts!

Having a feeling that these donuts had to be very low in fat, we sent samples off to an FDA approved lab for testing… low and behold, they had less than 3 grams of fat. Wow, we were just amazed at the light, fluffy taste, texture and light color (which is the way donuts actually look before they are fried in that same dirty oil over and over again). From there, it was a story of dedication and perseverance to do whatever it took to succeed and bring these great tasting, guilt free treats to the world. After all, the Wall Street Journal put it best when they said “Food companies have been able to take most of the fat out of everything from cheese to Twinkies. But no one has succeeded in designing a marketable low-fat doughnut.”

I couldn’t wait to try these guys!

After lunch, I went on a great “mental health” run.  I ran all around the neighborhoods, twisting around the roundabouts (it’s amazing I didn’t get lost) to look at all the pretty houses.  I had to stop for traffic a few times (including one 5-minute stoplight I always get stuck at), and ended up running about 3.5 miles. I also did 8-minute abs when I got home.  My heart rate monitor was blinking zero for the beginning of my run so my stats may be a little off.

Total time: 43:40 minutes

Maximum heart rate: 195 (98%)

Average heart rate: 167 (84%)

Calories burned: 464

After showering and making myself presentable, my parents and I went to the English and French department receptions (yeah, we party hop like that). I had a plate of fruit and a slice of pepper jack cheese.


Then we all headed back to my grandparents’ house (I wore shoes this time 🙂 ) for dinner.  We really must be related… they’d set out some pretzel thins! I could eat these all day long.


My grandmother set a lovely dinner table, as usual.



She was nice enough to arrange for a special vegetarian meal for me although everyone else was having shrimp and sausage jambalaya.


I had a delicious vegetable and tofu dish with some rice.


We also had a very nice mixed greens and vegetable salad, which I eagerly helped myself to seconds of.


My grandfather had really nice wine… I only had about half a glass.  For some reason I wasn’t really in a wine mood! Shocking, I know.  Plus, I had to drive myself back to St. Paul in the dark.


For dessert, I made a tasting platter of Holey Donuts for everyone to try.  All you have to do is plop a frozen donut in the microwave, and voila! Hot gooey deliciousness.  You can even put the entire box in! (Which, you know, I might do if I was in private… ANYway…) We sampled the coconut cream pie, banana oreo cream pie, raspberry graham cracker and low fat classic vanilla frosted.


I have to say, we were all blown away.  My mom and George are huge donut snobs (see The Donut Pub), and for George to give it a thumbs up really says something.  (He did, however, not see what “the point” of eating a low fat donut was.)  When I’m craving a sweet treat, I usually go the cake/ice cream route, but these were top rate.  The coconut cream pie is Holey Donut’s top seller; it was really good, as was the plain ole vanilla frosted. I went back for second samplings of the coconut cream pie and the raspberry graham cracker (tastes like a jelly donut).  These are going to be dangerous to have in the house…

I also had a scoop of fat free vanilla frozen yogurt with my grandmother’s famous chocolate syrup and raspberries. Nomnomnom.


My tongue is hurting from the sugar, but it was all pretty guilt-free! (Hmm… I see a Donut Diet in my future…)

I’m going to try to get to bed early(ish).  Our graduation commencement ceremony is tomorrow, and I want to be bright eyed and bushytailed.  Hope you are having a lovely week… I’m terribly behind on my Google Reader but as you know, you’re always in my heart 🙂

For 30 FREE donut holes with a Holey Donut purchase, enter code AWNY at checkout.

Bonne nuit!


7 responses to “Hol(e)y donuts, Batman!

  1. The only thing purtier than that Gracie painting are those donuts!

    My mom used to always make tasting plates of donuts when we were little and gave us fondue forks to eat them with. Isn’t that cute? And I just give my girls hummus. Oh well.

  2. HOLEY DELICIOUS!!! I’m kind of jealous of your first box because I didn’t get that variety. LOVE your tasting plate though!

    Those Lovin kids are fantastic artists!!

  3. PS. Have fun graduating today!

  4. Holy crap those look wonderful! I won’t pretend I’m not jealous. Hope your commencement is a fun time!

  5. haha i like the background story!

  6. I got my holey donuts in the mail yesterday too!! Soooo excited……I tried the blueberry crumb…almost died! Tasted like a cinnamon roll.

    All this food looks way too delicious by the way, you’re eatin’ like a queen! 🙂

  7. AnAppleADay

    i’m so happy that you enjoyed your donuts! yay ^^

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