I'm on a boat!

Hi guys! I miss you when I take days off blogging.  I hope you’ve had a lovely two days.  Thank you so much for all your sweet comments about my hair… I’m still not used to it at all! I always get so nervous when I get haircuts, but doing something completely different was a good thing for me.  It doesn’t quite fit into a ponytail though, so I’m going to have to learn to style it really well! Anyway, enough about the hair.

Last night, there was a cruise.


And there was booze. (Lunchbox: Miller’s Genuine Draft + amaretto + orange juice.)  And Little Caesar’s pizza at midnight.  But it was fun, in a weird time-warpy kind of way… it kind of felt like a high school reunion at the Marriot (see Romy & Michelle’s High School Reunion) on water.

This morning, somehow (woke up at 4, chugged water and swallowed a couple ibuprofen), I woke up before 8 to get to the gym before our graduation rehearsal.  I had half a banana before I left:


I only had about 40 minutes to work out, so I just did 10 minutes on the stairs, arms, and a mile on the treadmill.

Total time: 35:44 minutes

Maximum heart rate: 185 (93%)

Average heart rate: 141  (71%)

Calories burned: 281

I gobbled down some Greek yogurt and an orange on the way to get our Senior class photo taken.  Let me just say that 10 AM is VERY early the night after the boat trip.  You get the picture.


After the rehearsal, I went with some of my friends to Coffee News and got a skim au lait with a shot of espresso. It was sweet relief.


My parents got into town just in time for lunch today.  They were on different flights at different airports, and by the time my dad and I met up with my mom I was really hungry and starting to get cranky. We ended up just going to the Houlihan’s in the airport that was right before the security checkpoint.

My mom and I immediately ordered coffee.  I drank it black, but it tasted a little sour!


I had two eggs over hard, sourdough toast with grape jelly (:-) ), mixed greens with pear and jicama, and fruit salad.  Not bad!


We were a happy little brunch bunch.


Dinner tonight was really special.  About nine of us went to Heidi’s, which has quickly become my favorite restaurant in Minneapolis. Getting there was a bit of a challenge… my GPS (“Victoria”) didn’t register a highway detour and I have a terrible sense of direction (to say the least) so we ended up being late.  I was also wearing wedge heels, but I couldn’t differentiate between gas and break pedals while wearing them so I drove barefoot instead.  This was mildly terrifying, and I had white knuckles the whole time! (I changed to sneaker’s for my drive home… wise choice.) Somehow, we all got there injury-free…

I started with a delicious glass of Alvarinho Trajadura, which I took two hours to savor.


We ordered some special olive oil (which is apparently only licensed to five restaurants in the country) to go with the bread.


We all started with the chef’s special amuse-bouche: a salmon spring roll in a vietnamese dipping sauce.  This was so, so good.  There were so many different tastes going on here: sweet and spicy, curry and ginger.


My mom and I split two appetizers: the Smoked Rhode Island diver scallops on a garlic palette with mustard seed vinaigrette (just as good as I remembered them being):


… and the Beet salad with yuzu, endive, cucumber and soy caramel dressing. This is such a unique dish; the dressing on its own would be a fabulous sandwich spread.


For my entrée, I stuck with my grandfather’s rule to “always order the special.” The sautéed Pacific halibut on an eggplant pancake, with a shiitake coconut sauce and a drizzle of cilantro oil was  unbelievable.  The “pancake” was light and fluffy, almost like a mousse.  I ate about 2/3.


We got a side of cauliflower fritters with cheddar sauce for the table.  I enjoyed one; they tasted like “New America’s” take on tempura.


My dad and I decided to split two desserts since neither of us could decide on just one.  We ordered the lemongrass coconut tapioca with cacao nibs and candied orange:


And the “Supreme Salad.”


This didn’t end up being what we thought it would be (exotic fruit salad); Ari would have had a fit because it was covered in “white and creamy” sauce.  We scraped most of it off, but even then the dish was so sweet that I could only eat a bite.


I ended up just eating my half of the tapioca, which was very light and hardly sweeteed.  The cacao nibs were such an interesting addition!

We ended up stretching dinner out for three hours.  I savored everything, ate what I wanted, and for didn’t leave feeling too full or bloated.  It was a truly perfect meal, made all the more memorable by the company it was shared with.

When I got home, Jalene and I decided to have some of my celebration wine.  I’ve been sipping on it for over an hour, though… I guess I’m a little beverage-ed out.


Time to go pass out get in my PJs and finish my book.  It has been a very long day, and tomorrow I have to do the bulk of my packing… more family is coming tomorrow night and I want to be able to spend time with them instead of breaking down boxes and sweeping dust bunnies.  I’m a little behind on the blogs, but I’ll catch up soon, I promise… I’m thinking about you!

Night 🙂


8 responses to “I'm on a boat!

  1. Aw Katie it sounds like you’re having so much fun! The booze cruise sounds like a wilddd time, and that dinner with your family sounds absolutely perfect!

    Get some rest before the madness continues, you’ve been such a busy girl!

  2. Looks like a fun and yummy time! Good luck with the packing!

  3. Since when does olive oil need to be licensed?!

  4. Did you bring your flippy floppies?! You look supah cute in the picture with your parents!

    Hmmm cauliflower fritters? Those sound pretty good! Good luck packing!!

  5. I had a major lol when I saw your title in my blog reader last night! I’m glad you had a lovely evening!!

    When you come back, we must get together!! I am moving to Fairfield because I cannot afford NYC living any longer but I’m still only a short train ride away!

  6. Oh, how fun. You know I love the Veggie Patch Family outings, and this one did NOT disappoint!

    Your hair still looks gorgeous!

  7. homegirlcaneat

    Your hair and face of yours is SO PRETTY my friend!! I feel like I know lil veggie patch better than eva now! 🙂

    The booze cruise sounds like a woozy! I loved imagining Romy and Michelle educating people on their post-it invention on a boat!

    AND! I am now going to google and try to find the other 4 restaurants in America that have that special olive oil! You learn somethang new urryday!

  8. Oh wow! I love your haircut, it looks great!
    Was T-Pain on ya’lls boat? 🙂

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