Roadside Rituals

Well friends, after a 1300 mile drive, I’m finally home! New York has never smelled so sweet, in a Riverside Park-meets-trash night kind of way.  There are so many things to do, foods to cook, people to see… but right now curling up in bed with a book is all I want to do.

We didn’t have internet at the B&B we stayed at last night, so this is going to be a pretty long road-journal.  Bear with me!

Yesterday, after sleeping like a rock for a good 8 hours, my aunt made me and my dad a scrumptious breakfast of scrambled eggs, toast with Brummel & Brown (I first learned about this spread from her about 10 years ago)…


Fresh strawberries and blueberries with whipped cream (which I mostly ate around):


Lots of coffee but only a sip of the OJ:


We had excellent dining companions.


Scotty tried to lick up my whipped cream… I was just a little bit faster.


When we finally got our booties on the road, we pulled off the highway about two minutes later in search of a Barnes & Noble.  We always try to pick up a book or two to remember our trips by.  I needed a little pick me up so I got a grande no whip mocha light frappuccino.  I never get these, but for some reason I was in the mood.


After an irritating look around McDonald’s, we realized that unless I wanted a mini Fruit ‘n Yogurt Parfait for lunch, there wasn’t going to be anything I could eat there.  So we went back to Subway for the second lunch in a row; I got a tuna with one slice of pepper jack, all the veggies, and fat free honey mustard on honey oat bread. I also got a Light & Fit yogurt (which has an unbelievably long ingredients list) but no soda this time.


I snacked on a Chocolate Peanut Clif Mojo Dipped bar in the car, while listening to our book on tape.  This was so good! It tasted just like a candy bar (which, I guess, it kind of is).  I would definitely buy this again.


We stopped in Knox, Pennsylvania for the night.  We always stay at the same Bed & Breakfast, go to the same restaurant for dinner and the same drive-in for ice cream…

At the Allegheny Grille, we started out with dinner rolls (I split two minis with my dad: one onion herb, one whole wheat).


We both got a mixed spring greens salad with walnuts, blue cheese, and dried cranberries, with strawberry vinaigrette on the side:


There was an absurd amount of cheese; I left most of it but still enjoyed the full blue cheese experience.


For my entrée, I ordered grilled salmon with sesame teriyaki sauce on the side, steamed asparagus, and rice pilaf.  I ate all the asparagus, 2/3 of the salmon, and 1/2 of the rice


We saved room for dessert.


I got a cup of sugar-free vanilla yogurt with hot fudge and Reese’s PB cups:


My dad got a banana split.


We look forward to this all year, and it never disappoints!


We got in to the B&B around 9:30.  It’s a beautiful old farmhouse that’s been converted into rooms… we always get the same ones, in a barn.  It’s so cozy inside!


We watched In The Company of Men in the living room.  The writer/director is one of my favorites, but I can promise that you will never be comfortable during or after watching any of his films or plays.

I had the best of intentions this morning to get up and go for a nice run.  (The most exercise I’ve gotten in the last three days is changing gears or unwrapping gum. It’s also a really beautiful part of Pennsylvania, and it’s a pretty rural area so there’s almost no one on the road.)  I woke up, put on my workout clothes and HRM, but then, somehow, I woke up two hours later. Whoops!


The woman who runs the B&B knows how much we love her pumpkin pancakes, so she makes them for us every time we stay.


Nothing beats real maple syrup.


Again, I had a lot of coffee, but I’ve found that juice is just too sweet for me in the morning.


After breakfast, I finished my book while lounging in the great outdoors.


My dad and I took a walk and explored.


We saw a lot of cows:


Can you imagine hauling that around with you? Poor mama!


But without mamas, we wouldn’t have these cuties.


Once again, as soon as we finally got a move on and started driving, we decided we were hungry again and went to Perkin’s for lunch. I’d had too much coffee (which has the adverse affect and puts me to sleep), so I got an unsweetened iced tea instead.


They don’t have veggie burgers or salads, so I decided to go with more breakfast food.  The waitress was very nice and let me substitute the hash browns and muffin for a side salad (which I ate dry)…


…and a small bowl of fruit.


I ordered an Egg Beater omelet with broccoli, onions, green pepper and cheddar.


The cheddar turned out to be “cheese product,” which I did my best to scrape off.


A couple hours later, the Golden Arches called our names… once you go Mickey D’s soft-serve, I don’t know if you can go back.


I snacked on a banana when we were stuck in traffic, which was 100% out of boredom.


We got home around 8:30 and unpacked the car and were at our favorite Japanese restaurant by 9:15.  I was starving, so I ordered my usual Bento Box.  It comes with miso soup:


Salad, shrimp & veggie tempurah, tuna & salmon sashimi, California rolls.


I swapped one of my salmon sashimi pieces for this little bite of heaven.  I think it’s yellowtail, and is stuffed with a leaf that tastes like a combination of mint + cilantro.


After dinner, I really wanted to want ice cream.  I tried so hard that both I and my dad picked up different kinds of fro-yo… but I think I may have over ice-creamed in the last few days.  I’d bought this fruit salad to have for tomorrow, but it was all the sweet I wanted tonight.


When I finally got a chance to go through the mail, I found a package from Erica.  A few weeks ago I won the PETA Vegan College Cookbook from a contest she was hosting.  It’s gotten mixed reviews in the blogosphere, but some recipes look pretty interesting (Boozy Beer Bread, Ice Cream Frizzle Drizzle, PB&C No-Bake Cookies).  Erica also snuck in two of my favorite Larabars… she’s the best.  Thanks again, Erica!


By the time I am now finishing, two hours after I started, the book-in-bed scenario seems far less likely than the crash-in-bed-with-contacts-in-and-makeup-on alternative.

Before you go, check out Pretty Green Girl’s Whole Soy giveaway.

I hope you’ve had a very happy humpday! See you tomorrow 🙂


10 responses to “Roadside Rituals

  1. wow, that trip looks like it was so fun…i cant believe all the cool stuff you saw! moooo. so where are you in nyc? you mentioned riverside park…
    are you just here for the summer?

  2. Now I want pumpkin pancakes (look for these in the morning…) and Reese’s pb cups. But not together.

    I was craving a frap today too, and I NEVER have them either.

    “the crash-in-bed-with-contacts-in-and-makeup-on” scenario is me…every night….

  3. what a fun fun time!

  4. I think its really fun that you got to make that trip with your dad! I bet you shared some great convo and DEF had some good eats. GLAD you got the cookbook!! I got to fedex and realized I had forgotten your card 😦 Sorry about that! I was like meh- she’ll know who its from and that I love her blog 😉

  5. oh my gosh that bed and breakfast looks sooo cute and homely and just awesome! Looks like you had a great roadtrip with the pops. glad you made it back to new york in one piece!

  6. oh yayyy! I’m so glad that youre home safe and sound. It seems like our road trips home with our dad’s are very similar—me and my dad always get books on tape, movies at the hotel, and lots of ice cream too. As much as the long drive sucked, I always looked forward to it because I got some quality dad-time in.

  7. I’m glad you made it home safe and sound 🙂 Those rolls are amazing! I love ’em!!

    Awww your dad is so cute! Oh Perkins – that’s like a big joke around here. Whenever I’m on work trips we’re always like, “Well….we could go to Perkins?!” and then we all die laughing because there’s not a healthy thing on the menu!

  8. wow! i imagine that my eats will look VERY similar to yours soon! ughhh road trips!! love all the ouce cream and fro yo though!! and that B&B sounds sooo cute! pumpkin pancakes! oh danggg

  9. welcome home! Looks like a fun (albeit, long) trip! Love the pictures of the cow!

    Pumpkin pancakes sound delicious- and yes, real maple syrup is incredible. I think I am the only person I know who has never tried sushi (!) but you have reminded me how good McDonald’s soft serve is…mmm…!!!

    Hope you are catching up on sleep and enjoying being back in NY!

  10. Lovin’ the road trip recap, you and your pops seem to have lots of good times together!

    The fro yo with the pb cups must have been pure heavennnn, and same with the light frap! I never get those because I just love my soy lattes so much, but they always look really good when other people order them!

    Pumpkin pancakes….mmmmm!

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