More adventurous

Good afternoon! It still feels a lot like morning to me, since, although I got up early(ish) and went for a run, I haven’t left the house to begin my day!

My tummy was a-grumblin’ so I had 1/2 of a light English muffin with fresh almond butter and honey from the Co-Op to keep me satisfied during my run.


My heart rate monitor was, once again, not performing well.  It would go from 00 to 79 (while I was running up a hill… I don’t think so) and rarely represented a heart rate that seemed remotely accurate.  I got really irritated so I cut my run short.  It took me long enough to enjoy exercise to begin with, and I’m the kind of person that really needs documentation to show me what I’ve accomplished. I probably ran about 2 miles, then cam back and did 8-minute abs (I think it’s time to move on to level 3).

When I came home, I had 0% Fage with 1 banana, honey, and 1.5 tbsp granola (also from the Co-Op).


I caught up on some important readings:


It’s a beautiful day out, so I’m going to go meet my beautiful little red-headed girl for lunch in the park.  Have a great day!


5 responses to “More adventurous

  1. sorry to hear that your HR monitor wasn’t working well; what kind is it?
    enjoy the rest of your day!

  2. Boo to the HRM but hooray to the readings! Nice choices 😉

    Enjoy being free!!

  3. breadandwithit

    Don’t let technical difficulties hold you back. Assume if it’s not working, the results are double your best ever.

  4. OOooo I wish I had a co-op near me…

  5. Sorry about the frustration! Boo! I hate when workouts get ruined. I avoided that today by not even working out. 😉

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