Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

Good morning! How are you lovely boys and girls doing on this fine Thursday? I’m just great. Today is going to be packed with fun, so read on!

Yesterday was the first day of my summer internship.  I left really early so I wouldn’t risk being late if I got lost (I have the worst sense of direction, even with a map, GPS, or seeing-eye dog). I found the building pretty early, so I hit up a Starbucks to kill some time and caffenate.  I ordered a Tall Skinny Caramel Latte, which was good, but too sweet and I couldn’t finish it.  I think I’ll order a “Short” next time.


Breakfast didn’t hold me too well yesterday, but luckily I had a couple snacks in my bag.  These Quaker Chocolate Chip Chewy granola bars were being handed out on the street a couple days ago… I used to eat them all the time when I was little!


I packed my lunch to save some $$$ and made hummus/tofu/lettuce/mustard-on-a-garden-vegetable-wrap for lunch.  It was fine, but nothing special.


I also had an Axelrod nonfat Cherry Vanilla yogurt and a navel orange.


For some reason, lunch didn’t hold me at all, so I snacked on a Cinnamon Roll Larabar (my favorite) about an hour later while reading manuscripts. Did the trick!


I came home, loaded down with more manuscripts and books, only to get caught in a downpour.  (Did I mention I was wearing a white silk shirt? I’ll spare you the visual.)

Last night I just could not decide what I wanted for dinner.  Ari’s been kind of Panera-crazed recently, but nothing there sounded good to me so I just sat with him and stole a hunk of his bread.


I played a nice game of Pimp My Sweet Potato and topped this one with plain nonfat yogurt and black beans.


While this tasted “fine,” it wasn’t the cheesy melty goodness that it is when topped with cottage cheese. So, I went back to the fridge, whipped out a Laughing Cow, smooshed it on, and squirted Frank’s Hot Sauce on top. Much better!


I also had some steamed broccoli (plus a little more that was leftover in the pot):


And finally, some broc water.


After dinner we went to see Tanlines play at Bruar Falls in Williamsburg, where I had two vodka sodas to aid my head bopping.

Now… on to the exciting news!

1. My parents and I are going to Berlin today! We’ll be gone for about 10 days, and are staying in an apartment so we’ll be able to cook some of the meals.  My dad also fixed us up with gym memberships, which should be very nice.  I’ve wanted to go to Germany for years and years… there is so much history and culture packed into this one city alone! I’m not sure how blogging is going to work, but I’ll try to stay on top of it.

2. Calling all NYC readers and bloggers! Ari’s band, The Upwelling, is playing next Wednesday, June 10, at the Mercury Lounge.  Unfortunately I won’t be able to be there, but go in my place and represent the food blogging community! It’ll be a great time.

3. Check out Keep It Simple Food’s Sunshine burger giveaway!

Well, that’s all for now.  I’m off to wake up said boy and drag his booty to the diner for some toast.  Have a great day!


9 responses to “Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

  1. ah quaker granola bars…nostaligia! they were still handing them out today at union square.

    i cant believe you are going to berlin!!!! im sooooo jealous. i love love love traveling. have a total blast. i work on wednesday, but ill look into it. just for you 😉

  2. TOAST!!!!! I hope I get to see a picture of it 😀

    Drink a pint of beer and eat a pretzel for me while you’re in Deutschland!!

  3. I have the WORST sense of direction too – I’ve just gotten in the habit of leaving extra early to go new places since I know that there is a very good chance that I will get super lost.

  4. homegirlcaneat

    What the heck mayne!?!?!?! Berlin?! YOU ARE GOING HAVE SO MUCH FUN!!!! My friend lives/works there and he absolutely loves it! Drink a pint (or 12) for me and take loads of pictures!! I want some German culture, food, and eye-candy all up in my google reader grill in 10 days!

  5. I love when they give out granola bars (was it a church thing? they do it all the time!) I find the lattes kind of sweet too so ask for one less pump of syrup and it’s perfect! I have a cinnamon roll lara and a coconut chocolate one and was literally JUST trying to pick which one to try- now I know 😀

    have an amazing trip!

  6. Sounds like a good first day, minus the downpour. I am always paranoid about being late so I leave early too. Have fun in Germany, you lucky duck.

  7. Have fun in Berlin!!!! That is some VERY exciting news!!! Ahhh, live it up girl…and enjoy time with your fam!

    PS-that pimped out sweet potato is lookin’ realllll good……you should start up your oww show on MTV called “pimp my dinnaaaaa”…..hahahah i’m a cheeseball!

  8. Have a fabulous trip! 🙂 How exciting!

    I think Starbucks drinks are way too sweet too. I usually just get one pump of syrup, if any at all. I love your pimped out sweet potato!

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