It’s raining in [Berlin] baby, but everything else is the same

Good evening! Hope you’ve had a lovely day.  We ended up getting a pretty late start again… we’re still a little slow with the time-change and have enjoyed taking things slow.  Lunch was simple but divine:

Raisin/currant/hazelnut bread with three types of cheese (don’t remember what two of them are, but the middle – and best- is raw goat):


Peach 1.8% yogurt:


Fruit cup leftover from the airport yesterday (the difference in taste of the strawberries is insane):


And a small, I’m-on-vacation-so-I-can-have-wine-with-lunch glass of Italian Rosé.


It was a very civilized affair.


It was starting to rain by the time we went out, so while my dad raced to our rescue to fetch some umbrellas, my mom and I checked out the local dollar store.

There was a HUGE selection of wurst (sausage):


I particularly liked the meat patties with pre-sliced pineapple and cherries.


While strolling around outside, we found some great, LVP-friendly things, like this terrace full of gnomes (troll, wichtel, zwerg):


A poster of a corn bandit:


And behind it… a carrot/ asparagus swing set!


We finally happened upon a restaurant called Gugelhof.


According to Berliner lore, once, when Bill Clinton was here, he ditched his secret service agents to eat at this restaurant in peace.  If it’s good enough for Bill, it’s good enough for us!


We were immediately brought out some brown bread and quark, a cheesy yogurt-like spread.

Just as quickly my mom and I, feeling European, ordered Campari & sodas.


I started with a mixed green salad with goat cheese, blue cheese, “sweet and sour” prunes, tomatoes, cukes, carrots, sprouts, and an amazing sweet and sour dressing. It was enormous; I ate about half.


For my entrée, I ordered a trout cooked in Riesling and herbs, served with potatoes. (My dad kindly filet-ed this guy and took off his head.) I ate about half and a potato. I have a feeling potatoes will be quite prevalent in my dinners while I’m here!


It also came with a smaller side salad, that was pretty much the same as my appetizer but without the cheese or cukes and with added blueberries and a cherry.  I decided I was in the mood for salad again, so I ate all of it.


I ordered a “small” (10 cl) glass of Riesling, to complement my fish.  Yep, it ended up being a 3-drink kind of a day 😉


I had a little bite of my mom’s lemon tart (with raspberry sorbet), but I was holding out for something chocolatey…


Nutella in a bar! Call me a snob, but the only time I enjoy milk chocolate is when it’s a) European, b) has hazelnuts in it, or c) both!


Pure, sweet heaven. I could go on, but that would be mean 🙂

Well, at 11:05, my new bedtime has passed. I’m off to go snuggle in bed with my bookGute nacht!


14 responses to “It’s raining in [Berlin] baby, but everything else is the same

  1. Such a charming town!

  2. I adore European breakfasts/lunches! Yours looks gut!

    Gahhh I hate how they serve the whole fish!! Glad your daddy took care of that for you! Hope you guys have a great night!!

  3. Cute swing set!

    I hope you enjoy the rest of your trip!

  4. im LOVING this whole blogging from berlin thing! SO COOL! im really jealous, i absolutely love europe — hope the rest of your stay is as fabulous as it seems to be so far!

  5. Fun!!! Have a wonderful trip!!

  6. ok, everything was well and fine – until i got to that fish photo…

    haha. im enjoying your euro vacay. when you get back we will have to meet up…we can hit up hummus place, unless you only dine where former presidents do 😉

  7. You mean you have to be on vacation to have wine with lunch? *shocked* ;p

    I read that book… what do you think of it??

    ❤ ❤

  8. This trip keeps looking better and better. Eat lots and have an amazing time!

  9. cutest swing set ever! Looks like such a charming place- glad you are having fun!

    Nutella bar sounds amazing- not loving the fish head (!) but everything else looks great!

  10. Mmmmm delicious European food. I love the vegetable swingset, so funky.

  11. sounds like such a fun trip! ooh, love a campari and soda 🙂

  12. Being able to use the “I’m on vacation” excuse is the best feeling in the world 🙂 Amazing eats – I’m thirsty now that I saw that campari and soda!

  13. Oh my gosh awesome trip, miss jet setter! I would LOVE to visit Berlin, it seems like such a great place.

    I totally agree that it is perfectly OK to have wine with lunch on vacation, and to take full advantage of that fact at all times 🙂

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