Tag und Nacht

Guten Morgen!  It’s another beautiful (if gray) day in East Berlin. I’m about to go to KaDeWe, Berlin’s biggest department store, so I’m going to make this speedy! Fashion waits for no woman 😉

Yesterday morning I woke up at the uncomfortable hour of 6 AM.  Blegh.  I finally dragged myself out of bed to make some hot muesli:


  • 2/3 cup muesli cooked in 2/3 cup water
  • milk
  • 1 banana
  • 1/2 Justin’s Squeeze Pack honey PB

It needed a little something extra, so I added a scoop of mixed berry jam and more peanut butter.


After breakfast, I promptly went right back to sleep for almost three hours.  When I woke up my tummy was starting to rumble, so I grabbed some dried fruit.


After doing a little window shopping, my mom and I met up with Daddy-o for lunch at a Mexican restaurant called Frida Kahlo (as my dad said, “When in Germany, eat like the Germans!”).  I had half of two different wheat rolls:



I ordered a mixed green salad with tuna, corn, feta, tomatoes, onions, cilantro, and a side of guacamole. I ate almost all of it (and maybe 1/4 of the guac), when I discovered a worm nestled in one of the lettuce leaves.  I didn’t make a big deal about it (too much thought probably would have made me sick) but threw in the towel instead.


The mango spritzer, however, was delicious to the very last drop.  Fresh mango juice can be too thick and sweet on its own, but with seltzer, c’est parfait.


I went back to the apartment to get some work done and left my parents to make some mischief.  I had about three cups of coffee (with a melty square of dark chocolate hidden on the bottom).


I also snacked on an apple.  I don’t know why, but I was hungry all afternoon!


When my parents got back, we headed out to an Italian restaurant called Maccharoni that we’d passed several  times on our walks.


The restaurant looked very rustic; those wires hanging from the ceiling are kebab sticks.  If you order something from the “spitfire grill,” they hang it over the table!

My mom loved this chandelier. It was made out of milk bottles!


The wine list was entirely Italian. I had two glasses of Montepulciano throughout the meal.


We ordered a Roma salata for the table to split:


It’s basically a Caesar salad, but without Caesar dressing (which I don’t much care for). Delicious! This dressing was sweet… I think it was made with honey and mustard. The bread was also divine… by now I’d expect nothing less!


My dad and I split two entrées: Dorado stuffed with herbs, with sides of root vegetables (SO good) and rosemary potatoes:


Seafood pasta in a spicy, herbed tomato sauce:


I was stuffed to the gils (pun intended)!


But never too hungry for an almond Magnum ice cream bar. (Magnum is the Haagen-Dazs of Europe.)


It was another fabulous day of eats.  Now, my mom and I are off to do some shopping while we wait for my dad to finish his workday.  Have a great Tuesday!


14 responses to “Tag und Nacht

  1. Have fun shopping!! I remember learning about KDW in my German class 😉 Of course, I remember the biggest store in Germany but grammar? PSH!

    EW to the worm – didn’t expect that form of protein!

  2. mmm mango spritzers sounds great!

    Have a blast shopping. biggest department store in Germany sure sounds like a place I would love to visit 🙂

  3. My first ever Magnum was in Germany! Same as first time eating frites w/ mayo…not usually a huge mayo fan, but European mayonnaise is worlds away from Heinz!

    Have a great day shopping- hope the weather brightens up for you!

  4. Ah!! A worm. That would have really freaked me out!

    Have a great day!

  5. KaDeWe AND a Magnum bar?! sigh. too wonderful.

    I’m missing you, chicky!

  6. you had me at “berlin’s biggest department store” — LOVE IT! you better be posting about your finds =)

    seriously i had no idea that germany had such PRETTY food! minus that fish, i would need my dad to take care of that too haha. i used to have magnum bars in london, i loved seeing one in your post!

    have a fantastic shopping adventure! xoxo

  7. Le Petit Tomate

    that fish or the magnum bar, they both looked so delicious i wouldn’t know which is desert.

  8. Soo… can I come with your family the next time you travel?

    Magnum bars are the SHIZ- I remember eating a truly excessive amount of those when I was in Greece as a child.

  9. yummy eats – dried fruit and oats are great in every country. the whole fish, not so much. now go get your shop on!

  10. homegirlcaneat

    Okay first off, AHHHHHHHHHH wtf to the worm in yo salad!!!

    I love that restaurant and it’s chandelier! So chic and sassy!

    MAGNUM bars are sooooo frigging good holy sh!t! The chocolate on the outside is wasssuppp!!

  11. hello my darling. I’ve missed you!!! I just caught up on everything and it looks like you’re having an awesome time in Germany. I’m so jealous, I miss Europe (not the exchange rate however…) Everything looks divine. How much longer will you be there/can I come join in the fun?!

  12. A worm in your food?!??!! Ohhhhh my katie, props for not freaking out!! I’d probably gag on reflex if I noticed that bad boy!! I get grossed out when it comes to food, prettyyyy easily!!

    It looks like you’re having such a good time with your fam though, I hope tomorrow is another great day!

  13. Love the mexican meal! 😀

    That Magnum bar looks so yummy!

  14. I guess that worms mean that it was a pretty fresh salad. Still, kind of gross.

    Your trip (sans worm) sounds so incredible!

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