The Daytrippers

Hello there! It’s hard to believe that our trip is ending, but my parents and I enjoyed a wonderful last day together here in Berlin.  My dad is actually staying on for another week or so, but of course my mom and I would like to believe that it just won’t be the same without us 😉

To live our last day to the fullest, we hopped a couple trains for a day trip to Potsdam to visit the Sanssouci Palace (which translates to the Palace of No Worries, or the Worry-Free Castle).

We finally found some freshly made salted pretzels… these literally came out of the oven right before our eyes.  I had one. Or two. Or three?


The palace grounds were beautiful.








There were rows and rows of glass doors, behind which were fig trees! I wrapped my fingers around one pick, but unfortunately they were far from ripe and really hard.


I enjoyed public nap #435 in front of a fountain like this one…


There was a delicious café near the museum.  We ordered a salmon appetizer with cucumbers, salad and brown bread toasts to share:


For my entrée, I ordered tofu noodle soup.  Again, I have to reiterate how pleasantly surprised I have been at how many vegetarian options there have been here.


We split two desserts three ways. “Champagne” truffle chocolate mousse cake:


And apple streudel with a crème anglaise sauce.  Can’t leave Germany without having streudel! Although somehow I got away without sampling any sausages…


On the way back to Berlin, we stopped in the small town of Potsdam proper at a café.  I was in the mood for something sweet, but didn’t want to have an actual pastry.  I satisfied my sweet tooth with a cup of crème caramel rooibos tea.


My dad enjoyed his usual, Earl Grey.


Well, it’s time to pack.  It’s been a great trip, and such a fun way to celebrate my college graduation.  It will, of course, be nice to get back into my normal routine of healthy eating and exercise… although I can’t say I’m particularly looking forward to going back to work!

I’ll leave you with a picture of cloudberries, in case you’ve ever wondered what they look like.


Auf wiedersehen! See you back in the States 🙂


9 responses to “The Daytrippers

  1. Such pretty views!! I’m so happy you finally had your traditional German pretzel 🙂

    Hope you have a safe trip home!!

  2. Katie! I can’t believe the trip is already over….but i’m so glad that you had such a great time! You really lived up the german experience! Tried new foods, went sight-seeing, spent quality time with the fam…I love it!

    And that hot, toasted and salty pretzel sounds right up my alley! I hope you have a safe trip home and can keep yourself entertained with some cosmo and shape mags or a nice nap! 🙂

  3. love the vaca posts!!! i love hearing about all the fun things there are to do in germany, since i haven’t been there, …yet :]
    have a safe trip home!!!

  4. ive been waiting for those lovely pretz this entire time!!!! wow it looks good!

    your pics are all so beautiful!

    cloudberries?!? huh?

  5. so glad you are having such a great time- it looks fabulous!

    I am really impressed by the veggie options you have found- I’m not vegetarian, but my family won’t eat non-Kosher meat and it was REALLY hard to find options when we travelled around France/Germany. I think they ate fish or plain pizza at every meal!

    Have a safe trip home 🙂

  6. WOW such beautiful pictures — europe is too amazing for words! every one of your eats looks delish, but i would go NUTS for one, two, FIVE, of those pretzels! they’re my absolute fav =)

    hope you have a safe trip back!!!

  7. mmm fresh pretwels? YES!
    Hope there was mustard alongside!

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